If This Is The Future Of Gaming, Then We're All Gonna Look So Stupid

If you thought you looked like a goober while playing plastic guitars, you ain't seen nothing yet. Mocap Games promises players a full immersive experience that puts them directly in the game. That isn't necessarily a good thing.

It is a good thing for those who like looking like goobers.

Recently, Mocap Games showed off its motion-capture game Sci-Shoota, which puts motion-capture gear on players and has them spin around on chairs and walk in place. That's the future of video games, folks, sitting on a chair, covered in gear and walking in place. Cannot. Wait.

Motion controls can add a lot, but why reinvent the wheel when the wheel works pretty damn well?

MoCap Game's Sci-Shoota VR Game In Action [Arcade Heroes]


    I remember playing a VR first person shooter years ago. I loved it. As everything gets smaller, lighter and most importantly, cheaper this sort of rig is only going to become more and more common. I think it will be a while before we'll see it in competitive gaming but games like Skyrim are only going to get better when you're IN the world.

      I agree that games like Skyrim will benefit from some form of virtual reality gear but not necessarily the motion capture shown above. Imagine having to walk around the entire map of Skyrim? Similarly, action games are much better with smaller muscle movements required for pressing buttons. You can't get the intricate skill required for games like God of War or Street fighter without fine muscle (finger) movements - as opposed to moving your entire arm. And sports games, if you can use the motion capture equipment to play the sport... why aren’t you outside playing the sport?

      Having said that I definitely agree that this type of equipment will be far more common in the future and will benefit many games but I don't buy into the fact that it IS the future.

    Wow, I could swear I was playing virtual skeeball!

    Nah. John Carmack is further ahead in bringing this tech realistically to market. Check this E3 2012 interview and demonstration - worth checking out if you've always wanted a headset that actually does what it supposed to do: http://youtu.be/GVDXXfbz3QE

      Here's another interview/demo with someone who actually likes games; http://youtu.be/NYa8kirsUfg

    Am I the only one who's heart skipped a beat and realised that my childhood dreams are getting closer?

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