Imagining Sony's Next Home Console: The Octave

Swedish designer Daniel Åberg has, just for kicks, taken a crack at designing not just the logo for Sony's next - and still unrevealed - home console. He's also designed its packaging, game art, menu screen and even a system boot-up sequence.

While it's as far from official as you can get, you should still check it out, because I think it looks fabulous.

Åberg took the name Octave from the fact we're approaching the eighth generation of consoles, and that he believes that, like with the Vita, Sony will be reluctant to place a number after the next PlayStation's name.

He's also ditched use of the word "Sony" on it, which these days might not be the worst idea in the world.

I'm not the greatest fan of "Octave", it's a little corny (plus, would Sony really care about generations it had no part in?), but I love the logo, packaging and especially the colour scheme, which ditches boring blacks, whites and greys for something a little closer to the fiery shades the original PlayStation logo was sporting (the retro theme continues with the boot-up sequence, which sounds reminiscent of the PS2's first seconds).

You can see his full range of ideas below. To see more of Daniel's work, head to his personal site.


    ugly and too busy. will never be used for the playstation.

    Your mom's ugly... but I love her anyways..

    And here we are, me imagining random shit that will never eventuate that really, shouldn't be an article, because wtf is the point exactly asides getting clicks? FFS.

      They obviously don't have anything worthwhile to post about, it's not like there's an international games convention on spewing out a constant amount of news or anything!

    Das kinda ugly

    The game packaging looks like those budget PC games you can buy for ten bucks at the post office.

      I thought so too. In fact it's almost like this is some kind of elaborate troll.

    I happen to like this, but it reminded me of this instantly

    Terrible design

    They might drop Sony in soy playstation but there is no way they are dropping the playstation branding. Which would make this even busier than it is.

    Also seems like it would be stupid to go with a circle motiff a generation after the 360 had one.

    If we do see something other than a number I believe it will be a short 4 letter word or the like.

    Plus I think the logic behind the callin it the PSP2 would be that generally speaking at least at the start of the generation consoles with numerical follwowing have been backwards compatible which the vita is not. Combines withthe fact that PSP itself wasn't a insanely successful branding in the first place

    I like it but it looks more like he did a marathon of Wipeout and decided to make this afterwards.

    i prefer my consoles with 10% extra dinosaur

    I quite like this design. It won't be anything like the PSwhatevertheycallit though.

    1 - Playstation is an established name, like we have PSVita it's be PSwhatever.
    2 - Sony have copyright on the XMB. They won't ditch it.

    For a designer, this is not well designed

    It just doesn't look like it's for a games console. I understand that some designers think they can re design the wheel every time, but the reality is you can't, you have to take into consideration the market, what the other consoles branding/design looks like and what fits with the product.

    For starters using a pattern that looks like a heavily pixelated image for a HD console is just not appropriate, as is using retro throw back 60s/70s style colour schemes, as someone said above the orange game boxes are the same colour scheme as budget pc games, that's not a good connotation. The menu would be clunky and takes up way too much screen real estate only on one side, it doesn't really take anything else into consideration, except for the initial menu items such as videos/friends etc, so how will the rest of the content be laid out? in a grid? how does that go together with the diagonal interface? What a pain it would be to navigate with a controller, it's not a website where you can move your curser around freely, that's why the XMB is so simple and linear because it's designed to be navigated via a D pad or analogue stick.

    It looks like student work, not thought out enough to be finished product, not everything is taken into consideration and developed for actual use.

    Looks like the OCP logo from Robocop

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