In Dead Or Alive 5, A Giant Robot Clown Face Can Sneeze You To Death

In Dead Or Alive 5, A Giant Robot Clown Face Can Sneeze You To Death

You know how it goes when you’re facing another person in a fighting game round: both players have whittled off some chunks off the other’s life bar and the match seems up for grabs. That’s where I was while playing Dead or Alive 5 at Tecmo’s booth today.

The person manning the display already whupped me a few times so I knew odds were slim that I’d actually win. But I didn’t expect to be humiliated like I was.

In the video above you’ll see the new Power Blows that will be appearing in DOA 5. These devastating strikes get triggered by directional input and a pair of buttons and need to be charged to be executed. You can use them in DOA5‘s Tag Mode, too.

You’ll also see how the latest iteration of Dead or Alive ramps up the insanity of the series’ environmental danger zones to even crazier degrees. Missiles blast the playfield apart and powerful blows can send you dangling off fearsome precipices. Or as above, a titanic mechanised clown mouth can swallow you whole and eject you through a nose cannon. It’s a horrible yet hilarious way to win or lose.

When I asked the members of Team Ninja who were on hand just why these mini-cutscenes were so extensive in DOA5, they responded by saying that characters and environments aren’t separate entities in DOA games. DOA danger zones are what separate Tecmo’s fighting franchise from those published by other companies, so Team Ninja figured they’d double down on that distinction. Fair enough. Just don’t be the one to go down by clown. You’ll never live it down.


  • Hmm, stupid question but did all of the DoA games have characters using the same moves? I just ask because these look like the same moves that are in the 3DS game, apart from that blast o.o though I only ever really used Ayane-sama

    • Are you asking if individual characters have similar movesets across the series, or if the characters in general have similar movesets (as in all characters have similar throws, combos, etc.)?

      If it’s the first, the answer is ‘kinda’. Characters have gained and lost individual moves as the series has moved on, and the attributes of these moves have been modified and balanced as well, but Ayane from DoA Dimensions (which was basically supposed to be a ‘best of’-style game) isn’t dramatically different to DoA4 Ayane, just as DoA4 Ayane isn’t dramatically different from DoA3 Ayane, and how I imagine DoA5 Ayane isn’t a completely different character to DoA4 Ayane. Very few fighting games eschew this form of evolution for their characters (Ryu from Street Fighter wouldn’t be Ryu without fireballs, dragon punches and hurricane kicks, for example).

      The answer to the second question is ‘not at all’. The DoA roster actually has a pretty varied bunch of movesets. You’ll of course have certain global mechanics that apply to all characters (holds, grabs, etc.), but you can’t play a slower, grapple-based character like Tina the same way you would play someone who’s very strike-based like Ayane.

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