Intense, Yes. Unique? Maybe...

Here is a video game soldier, rifle in hands, taking cover. A helicopter explodes behind him. The word "intense" might describe this scene from the TV commercial for the new shooter Spec Ops: The Line, but "unique"?

The unsolicited point here is not to beat up on IGN, whose quote may well suit the sandstorm-filled Spec Ops, but to observe a common issue with video games and the people who try to sell them to us: if you want us to believe something is unique, show us something that is unique. Exploding helicopters don't qualify.

Watch the rest of the commercial and judge for yourself how well this pitch works. The game will be out at the end of the month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Intense, unique, immersive, visceral, emotionally engaging.

    Marketing buzzword overload!

    I've played the demo, i think they forgot to add "awful".

    Taken right out of context of course. They could have easily been talking about the "intense and unique" main menu.

    Or more likely, one very specific moment surrounded an otherwise generic game.

      Clearly the tag "unique" does not have to refer to the image behind the word.

      It just has to have one unique thing in it and the "unique" label stands even if it has no relevance.

    The quote could well be:

    "After the game was finally over, I took an intense and unique shit. I looked into the bowl and what was staring back at me was something far greater than the video game I had just ploughed through, something that, through the delicate processes of evolution, had been constructed more thoughtfully and beautifully than anything I had just experienced in Spec Ops: The Line"

    Quotes mean nothing in marketing.

    In Amazing 3D

    Off-topic, on reflection: I am so unbelievably happy that I live in a world where exploding helicopters are a common, trivial occurrence.

    Good work, everyone involved who got us to this point.

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