Introducing Potaku!

What is Potaku? It's a community driven podcast featuring members of the Kotaku community, and it's a podcast you can get involved with (or just listen to). I'll leave it to my main homie ShiggyNinty, co-founder of the podcast to explain.

Websters Dictionary defines “Potaku” as...well they don’t have a definition. But Urban Dictionary defines “Potaku” as ‘A poor Otaku’. Not uh...not really the best definition of what the show is about. Actually it’s about the worst definition I could find, the ONLY definition I could find. This writing thing is hard, why couldn’t you write this Mark? You have the skills and I have the sexy looks, that was the deal and now I’m writing this?! NOT COOL OLD MAN SERRELS NOT COOL.

Anyway! Potaku is the first and best* Kotaku Australia Podcast out! Every week myself, Doc What and two community members will talk about games, community stuff and generally be idiots, something I’m pretty accustomed to.

On our first episode we have the lovely Doc What, DAN! and The Last Question on, discussing everything from meats, new games and Max Payne 3 (Spoiler: I am the only one who talks about Max Payne 3).

Being a community podcast, we’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions on segments, your community news, playdates, meats and ideas for a song for the week! Get in contact with us through email or Twitter!

Doc What: Email/Twitter ShiggyNinty: Email/Twitter

Don’t be afraid to join us either! This podcast is for you guys and gals! After an episode is finished recording I will put the call out on Twitter for volunteers and usually it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Do not worry about having “gamer knowledge” or having a lack of it, that’s not what this show is about, it’s about getting the community involved, talking more and becoming Super Best Friends!

Download, share and listen because we had a blast doing this! Hope you enjoy the show!

*Cannot guarantee quality. If you’re going to blame anyone blame Pez, he’s a jerk.

Potaku Episode 1 by Doc_What


    As shiggy etc may have surmised from my twitter silence (if they noticed) I didn't get around to listening to this over the weekend and now i'm back at work but I will listen to it I promise!

    "my main main ShiggyNinty"

    Does this mean there are more than one ShiggyNintys?

      There are hundreds of Shiggys, dick punching their way across the universe...

    Listening now, it's well done! A good combination of community-specific news and general gaming talk!

    Hope you guys and gals enjoy! Dont be afraid to join us or leave feedback! Max Payne 3 on Tuesday as well!

      I should probably get some practice in today before the community playdate tomorrow...

    Just finished listening. As someone who listens to a lot of gaming podcasts, this was quite solid for a first episode. Keep up the good work :D

    Shiggy! you hyped up the header image for days and I DONT GET IT!!!

      "Do my worst, eh? Smithers, release the robotic Richard Simmons."


        yeah, I get the simpsons reference, but how it is relevant to Potaku... *shrugs*

      It's an outtake for The Simpsons made for the 138th episode special. Which is impossible to find in English on YouTube.

    I will listen to this tonight. I have little idea of what to expect, but I will likely provide harsh criticism. Please don't get too upset with me, I just want this idea to shine. :)

      As long as it's constructive, it's all good. We're trying to build up a strong community aspect but at the same time, keep it open to everyone.

    I'd still like to see an official podcast one day, but I suppose with Tracey gone it would just be Mark rambling to himself. :P Nice work, guys.

      I'd pay money to hear that!

    No wolf...
    Worst podcast on this site.

      Since it is the only podcast on this site technically that statement is true, as well as being the best podcast on this site and the podcast on this site with the most mentions of Max Payne and the least mentions of bacon.

        I was quite surprised by the lack of bacon.
        Nearly messed myself when I heard Alex Kidd

    I've never heard "Still Alive" before, because when I played Portal, I played it mute so I didn't wake the baby.

    Podcast was therefore win for me, and ended on a strong note!

    The Portal Ending syndrome you mentioned might affect Potaku too (i.e. how can you top that musical ending?) :P

      Also, this needs a site and easy way to subscribe to podcasts, because I sure as hell will forget to listen unless it's coming right to my inbox at a time convenient to me! :P

        We need someone with RSS skillz and we can get this baby on iTunes or, you know, other places.

      You never heard "Still Alive" before. You didn't even watch it on YouTube at some point?

      Oh man.

    Awesome start guys! Royalties and share options from Kotaku I say!

    Will listen tonight! Sounds good from the comments that's for sure. If It hasn't been suggested before maybe think about doing something with Skype and video work then posting it on YouTube and keeping a sound cloud audio edition as well? E.g. Check out the the game station Podcast with dodger, tb, and Jesse. Seeing people some some how makes it more enjoyable.

    Well, that explains why Shiggy was so adamant that you used the banner.

    You guys should use Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) from Bastion next week. It's insanely catchy and mixes the two excellent songs into an even better one.

    looking forward to this, will listen asap!

    Thanks guys, enjoyed the 'cast, look forward to the next one.

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