Is This A Photo Of Heath Ledger, Or A Joker Action Figure?

OK, so the over-sized fabric and stitching on the jacket kind of give it away, but man. Whoever is doing the modelling at Hong Kong toy company Hot Toys needs a round of applause. The likeness here is terrifying.

Priced at $US275, and due out in December, this Joker piece - that is actually a poseable action figure - comes with alternate heads, alternate hands, a ton of gear and the distinct possibility it will scare any small children it comes into contact with.

The Joker 2.0 - DX Series [Sideshow]


    That is amazing. Unfortunate that it's so expensive - I'd love to have one, but won't be paying that much.

    yeah if it wasnt so pricey BAM that would be on my pc desk instantly

    Holy crap that is detailed. In the fifth picture of him pointing it looks like he's like: "Eeeyyyyy"

    US $275 isn't too expensive, considering a lot of wankers I know will spend $200 going out clubbing on a saturday night.

    For those who were trying to defend that $400 Ezio & Lara Croft figures we had seen in recent months.... yeah.... this one is $275.

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