Is This The Best Portal Cosplay Ever?

Warning: This video is more than a year old. But I only saw it for the first time last week when Valve's Yasser Malaika and Leslie Reed used it in a presentation about Steam for Schools.

I don't think Kotaku has ever posted this incredible interpretative Portal dance number. What makes me grin at the work done by the Ninja of the Night cosplay troupe is the way they bring the game's mind-bending moments to life on the stage. Everyone remembers the moment when first looked at themselves through one of the game's wormhole openings. The recreation of that revelation gets a big pop from the crowd and deservedly so. Great stuff.


    OMG. that was epic, looked really good (mostly the box). so wish that i was there.

    Ah no...this is really boring.

    "I don’t think Kotaku has ever posted this incredible interpretative Portal dance number."
    It took me far too long, but I finally found it...
    Looks like Kotaku has posted this 'incredible interpretative Portal dance number' before.

    Seen it a while back, but yes this is some awesome cosplay.

    1. this sucked, was boring and poorly done
    2. as you said, a year old. (keyword there being OLD, ie not new, and therefore not news)
    3. posted by kotaku before. seriously, theres a search function. if your readers can find this video, theres no excuse for you not to be able to

      I for one enjoyed it. Thanks Kotaku for reporting as I would not have seen it otherwise.

        No one can be happy...

        First time i've seen it.

      How d hell r we supposed to search for something we didnt know existed?

      Get off your high horse.

      Thanks for this kotaku! It'S awesome!

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