It's A Good Weekend To Try Tera For Free

Now that my review of En Masse Entertainment's slightly game-changing MMO Tera is in the can, you might find yourself wanting to give the game a try. And like magic, Tera is now offering a seven day free trial. What can you do in seven days?

With Tera's newly-launched seven day trial you can play all eight character classes up to level 23, after which you'll have to purchase the game to continue. You won't be able to bug people in area chat, access your bank, or harass other players via whispers, but you will be able to get a feel for all of that action combat I was mentioning earlier.

And who knows, maybe you'll wind up on the Dragonfall server and run into some members of Something Terable, a guild originating from the Something Awful forums.

Or maybe you'll run into someone from Passion, the guild I currently belong to, whose guild leader held a contest and promised the winning guild a mention on Kotaku without consulting me first. If he ever does anything like that again, I am setting him on fire.

So yes, there's plenty you can do with seven days in Tera. Tell 'em Back sent you, and when they say "who?" just tell 'em "some guy".

Tera Free Trial FAQ [En Masse]


    I've moved on to the secret world this weekend.lots of atmosphere. Combat....going to need to see out fleshed out

    Does the guild have a member named Timmy who refers to himself in the third person a lot?

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