It's Man Vs Manned Machine In This Dishonored Gameplay Sneak Peek

Dishonored has pretty much come out of nowhere to become one of the buzz games of 2012 (justifiably so!), and everyone's going to see some pretty cool gameplay from it tonight during GTTV's big pre-E3 show on Spike tonight. But how about a sneak peek for you?

We can give you a taste of the action right now, thanks to this animated GIF from the folks at Bethesda and Arkane Studios. We've got our hero, Corvo Attano, engaging a tall boy with one of his special powers. Looks good to me!

The GIF is part of a longer Dishonored trailer you can watch during tonight's jam-packed GTTV pre-E3 show (the one with some Konami and Star Wars stuff in it too, airing at 1:00am ET/10:00pm PT on Spike and popping up on shortly thereafter).

Dishonored will be out on October 9 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


    I would have liked the utilisation of powers to be less "Bioshock", but I'm still really looking forward to this one.

    I thought they were mechanical "SlenderMen". I shat bricks. Then i realized they were more like small, two legged Striders, so I just shat instead.

    That title. Unretrofied springs to mind.
    "Is the man half machine, or is the machine half man?
    Is the can half diseased, or is the disease half canned."

    Cheers for the 8 megabyte GIF, you jerks.

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