JB Hi-Fi Taking 20% Off All Games, Two Games For $40 On Selected Range

Well, this is quite the deal. Today JB Hi-Fi is taking 20 per cent off all games in stock — not a selected range, all games — which is pretty awesome by itself, but it's also running a two games for $40 deal. I didn't need all that money anyway...

Quality games I've spotted in the two for $40 bundle are Dead Space 2, Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit... a lot of genuinely good stuff.

In addition, the 20 per cent off thing applies to PS3 and Vita accessories, as well all Turtle Beach and Razer gear.

Head to JB Hi-Fi's website for more info.

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    Well I just got my delivery of Future Soldier and Prototype 2 this morning, but since I work in the building above the Galeries Victoria, there are worse ways to spend my lunch break than browsing a game sale.

    Is that a giant LCD screen? What amazing JB Store is this?!

      Probably the sydney city westfield, where they don't sell games ironically

      I propose process of elimination. It's not Galeries, Liverpool, or Bankstown. Your turn.

      It might just be a fancy poster made to look like an LCD screen...

        The one at sydney city westfield is actually a large screen that "pours" the white into the background as shown in the pic

      I think its bourke st melb

        I don't think so. That store has escalators going down to it, and the catalogues stand is up the top of the escalators.

        Looks like Bondi Junction to me.

      It is the concept store, Westfield Sydney, and it is an LED display. We made it in Melbourne though. :D

    So tempted to get uDraw and Dead space 2



      U want Udraw? I've got an etch-a-sketch I can sell you for $10 (actually maybe not the kids may want to keep that)

    i went to buy yakuza dead souls it said $23.20 then when i went to checkout it went back to $29

      I just checked and if you add items to your cart the $23.30 should infact go down to $16.00
      If it doesn't remove it and put it back in. Seemeed to wprk for me.

      So the 2 for $40 actually will come down to 2 for $32.

      Pretty sweet deal.

    Damn, we're still waiting for our store to open.

    I actually picked up 3 PC games at JB HiFi 2 weekends ago for less than $40 for all of them. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bioshock 2 and Resident Evil 5. They had a buy 2 get one free deal going on, so snagged two of them for $18-something each and got the third one for nix. Pretty sweet score.


    My nearest JB is 2 and a half hours away

      All the deals are available online!

    OK. If anybody can snag the following Wii games, let me know:

    Boy and Blob
    Sin Punishment 2

      Good luck finding S&P2. I got them to search on their system to see if they had any copies, it only came back with one copy off in some godforsaken store. May as well go eBay or something, the game's fairly cheap now. ~$30 or less from what I remember.

      Used to see Muramasa all the time, but haven't in a while come to think of it. Last I did it was around the $35 mark. A boy and his blob, haven't seen that one in an age either.

    Also DVDs & Blu-rays are 20% off too

      As I'm about to be a father, I might go grab a copy of Taken to prepare.

        Be sure to grab Larry Cohen's IT'S ALIVE as well

    Might pop into and take a look at lunch. Thanks for the heads up.

    I guess I know what Ill be doing on my lunch break instead of eating.

    That 2 for $40 has been going on for awhile, hasn't it? I got NBA Jam and Ace combat awhile back.

    Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention & Gravity Rush for my Vita. those prices are nice. Better than ozgameshop!

      Yeah, they almost always have 2 for $40 going but it's usually crappy/old/unpopular titles. Looks like it might be expanding a little bit.

        Ummmm.... most of the "new" games added are a few years old

    Preorders of Metal Gear Solid HD for the Vita look to be discounted as well. I was going to wait for a future price drop on that and Gravity Rush, but it looks like I'll be getting them sooner.

      I work at Jb-HiFi and can clarify that pre-orders will not be discounted. Exclusions are: Import Games, Skylander Toys (But the starter packs are included), Consoles, Console Bundles,Online Gaming Cards, PRE-ORDERS, and Accessories (But we have the 20% off Sale on selected accessories eg. branded ps3/razer/turtle beach/ps vita accessories), :D hope this helps

        One day only?

          20% sale ends COB Sunday (If stores are open sunday, otherwise saturday), Metal Gear HD Vita is available instore also (if in stock) :)

        embargo for MGS HD was originally something like 5th of July but due to that embargo breaking it should be on sale at all jb hifi store by tomorrow. so not technically a preorder anymore.

    I got Yakuza 4, Shadows of the Damned and Ace Combat Assault Horizon for $20 each a couple weeks ago.

    I looked for any new titles they might have added to the sales and found Kirby's Epic Yarn at $23.20. Pretty nice price for it as its just a game I didn't want to spend much money on. Didn't really find anything else of interest or that I've wanted that I already have.

    FFS... just bought a game from them not 2 days ago... curse my luck... now I'm too broke to buy anymore games :(

    I grabbed The Amazing Spiderman on Ps3 today for only $55. One of the cheapest instore purchases ive made on a new release!

    Pretty damn happy with this.

    Was impressed for a second but then compared prices to ozgameshop, can get things $10 cheaper there; Civ 5 G&K for $27 !

    In case anybody's interested, Kirby's Epic Yarn has shown up in my store (and looking at our stock levels, a number of others around the WA area) for just $29. With the 20% off it's only $24. Worth grabbing, in my opinion.

    picked up lego batman 2 for $55ish and cowboy bebop collection for $32! awesome sale

    Full Disclosure.. i work for JB's. Here are some amazing deals worth checking out!!

    New Release games have been cheaper than normal lately, suppliers are jumping on board with lowering games prices in australia. Due to this almost everything in out new release sections (except C.Es) is at a regular price of $69, and with 20% off they come down to $55.20!

    Titles at $55.20 include...
    Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Lego Batman 2, Amazing Spiderman, Wticher 2, Game of Thrones, Spec Ops: The line, Prototype 2.

    2 for $40 is always good, and 2 for $32 is better!... recent/quality additions include...
    Dead Space 2, Borderlands GOTY, Sonic Generations, Bioshock 2, Binary Domain, U-Draw Tabs, Tomb Raider Trilogy (PS3), Rage, Mass Effect 2, Metroid Other-M.....

    Does this mean they are actually getting the message that we are sick of being ripped on games and can buy them cheaper online???

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