JB Hi-Fi Game Reviews: The Greatest Hits

The last time we posted a JB Hi-Fi review on Kotaku I said something along the lines of "someone should really make a tumblr for this stuff". And what do you know? One exists! And it's brilliant. This JB Hi-Fi tumblr collects all the best JB Hi-Fi reviews photographed on the wild and posts them onto its tumblr. I thought we'd post some of the better video game reviews!

You can check out the Tumblr account here, and follow JB Hi-Fi review on Twitter.


    I once was in a JB Hifi that had a positive review for The Last Airbender.

    So I took a trip to Lake Laogai and haven't been to that particular store since (also because it's not exactly in a convenient location for me).

      Great story; tell it again.

          Wasn't the season finale for Korra just brilliant!?

            The only bad thing about it was that there was much more than 12 episodes worth of content in that season.

            Can't wait for the next season.

              End of the season was great, except for the wash-away scar make-up. Did Amon not anticipate being near water that day? While having a navy battle, and a war rally on an island arena while potentially fighting a powerful waterbender?

              Also, I wish they gave Bolin more air time. As this show's Sokka, he just wasn't in it enough for my liking.

                For the sake of everyone who hasn't seen the show, maybe put any possible spoilers in ROT13?

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              They stated from the start that they just wanted to focus on the story and not have any filler episodes. I also wish they had a few filler episodes, but for all we know their budget is smaller or Nick has a tighter grip on production this time around.

                I don't think there was a need for filler (although I would have enjoyed it). I just thought that some of the major plot points that had to be introduced and resolved for the finale were a bit rushed. Drawing that stuff out over a few more episodes would have helped the pacing a bit and I doubt anyone would have complained about more Korra.

                  yeah I agree. the character work really isn't as good as the original though - but that's because they spend so little time on it, especially relative to the original series. reckon everything else is fantastic though. was it just the last few minutes you found rushed? or the Amon stuff too?

            The girlfriend and I found it pretty horrible, but then we're not enjoying much of this season at all. Teenage angst and stupid romance littered over a base of plot holes. Don't know if we'll bother watching the rest, might just rewatch the original instead.

          I am honoured to accept his invitation.

    FFXIII-2 was way worse than XIII. It didn't have an ending, it was worse than ME3 excpet it had crazier fans who defended the fact you have to pay $15 to buy the ending DLC.

      Just watched the ending DLC on youtube. It's also to be continued! arghashasglasbgaslb

      ^ This.
      I miss the days where FF was something you were excited for :(

      FFXIII and FFXIII-2 are both great. I'm also enjoying the DLC of FFXIII-2 - Noel and Serah look great in their Black Mage and White Mage outfits!

        I enjoyed XIII, and I'll probably replay it, but XIII-2 was too full of time travel plotholes/cliches and that ending ruined any fun I had from it.

    As a recently unemployed ex-GAME sore manager, this worries me that I may have to resort to working at JB and have to end up writing stuff like this (although some of them made me chuckle). My soul might burn away within a week. But seriously, I have been trying to stay in the Australian gaming industry and am struggling to see how. Any ideas from you guys on where to look? I have 11years experience at front line retail, but really want to stay part of the scene, even if it is a office job with a gaming focused company, but cant find anything and really don't know where to look. I am pretty sure I could go and work for JB or EB for that matter, but I really dont want to have to write these reviews and what not at JB. Any ideas or suggestions on where to look?

      Worked at both Jb and Eb. Jb is hands-down the cruisiest non bullshit job in retail. Eb is soul destroying badly paid no incentive hell

        Ha, thanks for the tip.

          +1 for JB being good. At least it was while I was there - no reason to expect they'd change as they were growing like crazy at the time. They were always on the lookout for people who wanted to be at higher levels of responsibility too so... yeah, go for it mate!

          The game reviews aren't really a hassle - you take the game home, play it, then stick your thoughts on a little card.

      Retail looks like it's kind of dead. Got contacts from your stint as a manager? Maybe you could start a website?

        Badger is right. Very little happening at store level atm. Maybe get a degree and try a pr or designer job. Easier said than done I know but worth a shot

    That FFXIII-2 review is not funny.

      Yes it is, your humour chip must be made by Apple or something.

    My local JB also does it's own hand drawn covers for traded in games - some of them brilliant!

    Lol funny.

    I avtually got bored of FFXIII-2 pretty fast compared to XIII.

    I remember the review of "The Mark Lanegan Band" CD "Blues Funeral":
    "I't like the Pussycat Dolls, if they were at the bottom of a deep dark well"

    I saw a review for mw3 it just said "It's like the other ones"

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