Jesus Will Appear And Farts Will Be Lighted In South Park: The Stick Of Truth

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone introduced South Park: The Stick of Truth at Microsoft's E3 keynote. Its trailer was just as hilarious, subversive and bleeped-out as you'd expect the show to be.

The story appears to centre on a "new kid" — which will be you, the player — rather than introduce a new character. It fits with the game's role-playing structure. Parker and Stone said that when they were approached to do a game, the only way they wanted to do it was if a player could be immersed in a South Park world.

That required Obsidian to recreate the world's "distinctively crappy look". And for Parker and Stone to figure out where Cartman and Kyle's houses were in relation to each other. The two also bagged on the Xbox Smart Glass presentation. See it in the video above.


    Farts will be LIT.
    They'll let anyone write for Kotaku.

      That's what I was thinking..

    was the audio out of sync for anyone else


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