Journey Collector’s Edition Sounds Amazing

Journey Collector’s Edition Sounds Amazing

I’ve waffled on and on about how much I love Journey, so I’ll spare you that, what I will tell you, though, is that the collector’s edition (yep, digital games are getting collector’s editions now) looks like an amazing deal and features Journey, FlOw and Flower as part of one deal. But that’s not all…

The package also looks set to contain the soundtracks for all three games, exlusive mini-games and more.

This is all according to an ad that was set to appear in the US Official PlayStation Magazine, but was pulled.

The game looks set for release in the US on August 28. As soon as we hear about a local release date here in Australia, we’ll let you know.


  • Well the way everyone’s been going on about Journey it seems like that’s one to dust off the PS3 for, maybe when I’m between other games. I might as well pick up the collector’s edition so I can even check out Flower while I’m at it.

  • Collectors Edition, does this mean that it will be a boxed copy? Because that would be awesome 😀

    • I agree. I’ve played Journey at a mate’s house but haven’t bought it myself. Call my a tightarse but I refuse to pay the extra $5 just because I live in Australia. :/

      • @Quirkhall:

        Mate I completely @#$%#@ing agree – I REALLY want to play this game and support the developers but them ganking us for an extra 5$ (especially when it was released when the AUD was about 1.05$ US) pisses me right off.

        Absoloutely refuse to buy it for 20$ AUD, sick of us being ripped off.

        In other PS3 / PSN news, goddamnit why won’t Okami HD come on a blu ray disc 🙁

        • How’s that any different to any other game, though? We always pay more here regardless of what format it’s on or whether it’s physical or digital.

        • Did you know that the PSN will allow up to 5 PS3s to use the same content? Make an account with friend(s) and you can all play it so long as you use different accounts.

          • I believe this is now only 2 accounts, the 5 still applies for games bought before an arbitrary 2011 date.

    • I’m sure I read last week that it’d be on physical media, but I can’t find the link now. Presumably the soundtracks will be in the form of download codes, though.

      The Journey soundtrack is the only game soundtrack I’ve ever actually bought. It is stunning. In fact I think I’ll listen to it again now 😀

  • reported that it was coming as a boxed product, saying that it was thatgamecompany’s first physical retail product ever

  • Hm I’m about to buy Journey, finally have the time to tackle my list more than one slow game at a time… but should I wait when I already own Flower and am not interested i flow at all? Hm

  • Journey is great, obviously, so everyone should get this. My friend’s five year old daughter was entranced by it.

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