Just Cause 2 Could Finally Get Multiplayer

People loved Just Cause 2. With all the crazy grappling/parachuting/action-stunting in Avalanche Studios' 2010 hit, why wouldn't they? But Rico Rodriguez's adventures didn't have anything by way of online multiplayer, which would've made an already good game even better. Oh, well, JC2 lovers can dream of what might've been, right?

But one group of those people are doing more than just dreaming. They're building a mod that will make multiplayer a reality for the PC version of Just Cause 2.

The Australian indie developers first showed proof-of-concept on their JC2 multiplayer work two years ago but then mysteriously fell silent until recently. In an update on their official site, the JC-MP devs said that their non-communication was the result of hitting a wall in terms of progress. But as the video above shows, they seem to have found their mojo and are preparing to unleash all sorts of random open-world mayhem. They even got an admiring Twitter shout-out from Avalanche's Magnus Johansson. If you want more updates on when this online deliciousness will be available for PC, go on over and subscribe for updates. Hopefully, this mod hits before the rumoured Just Cause 3 comes out.


    And now I need to go and buy Just Cause 2 again...

    I already own this game on PS3 but so help me I'll buy it again on PC if this ever gets finished

    If THQ really want to make good AAA titles, they should purchase this indie studio and let them build the JC3 multiplayer!!

    I want to play that so bad.

    Wow. Just Wow.

    This is pretty awesome. But what I really wanted to see was whether they could still implement the zip line feature of the single player game. As far as I was concerned, that was where most of the fun of JC2 was to be had. But I'm guessing that they might run into problems if everyone on the server could attach a zip line to a single object. I'm imagining very messy, very glitchy, spiderwebs.

    the major problem with these open world multi player mods is that there is never any NPC's or AI

    For the love of god, JC3 multiplayer! You MUST include it Avalanche!

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