Kojima Confirms MGS5, Not Done With Snake

When will you be done with Snake, Hideo? WHEN? He was supposed to be dead, remember? Is he dead? I guess we all thought Big Boss was dead as well until he returned fully formed for some reason (I'm assuming nano-machines). In an interview with Eurogamer, Hideo Kojima confirmed what was already confirmed (his team is working on MGS5), and spoke about his new FOX engine.

Some of the details gleaned are that MGS5 will be more of an infiltration game, and it also sounds as if he's giving his young team a little more leeway with this one.

"We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots," said Kojima, in the interview.

Hideo Kojima confirms Metal Gear Solid 5 built using Fox Engine - report [Eurogamer]


    It seems like Kojima is the John Farnham of gaming though - "Really, I mean it this time - this is the last one." I find his lack of conviction inspiring.

    I always thought somebody stitched the necessary bits of Solidus to Big Boss to make him whole again, that's why Solidus' corpse was lacking many parts.

    As for MGS5... The interview says that Solid Snake was hinted to be in it, but in what capacity? It could go a couple of ways, he could be a raw recruit showing his stuff in the 80's, which is what gets him into FOXHOUND, or we could see him don a muscle suit over that wasted Old Snake frame again, and complain about how things aren't like they were anymore.

    I'm hoping Snake returns as more of a mentor figure here like he was in MGS2 to Raiden. Just we don't get a whiney little sook for a protagonist.

    Another prequel would be good though. Somewhere between Peace Walker and MG1

      perhaps a prequel before MGS4 how raiden becomes who he is now, and how he rescues sunny from the patriots???? so many possibilities.....

    Oh come on, he even created a meme to encourage him to move on.

    Some sort of Iran Contra thing would be good, cold war 80s is a great period to base this in.

    Mg1 + 2 remake or slightly before jumping between snake and big boss, big boss was snakes mentor early on, would be a really young snake starting out. Would close out all the mgs3 + portable ops + peace walker stuff and explain how on earth big boss actually gets back to like delta force and / or foxhound or whatever it was .

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I think you must be the only person who hated that ending. The general consensus amongst fans is that it was fantastic and pretty much exactly the way it should have been.

      It's Japanese style to tell story.

      *Slaps you in the face*

    I actually really enjoyed the end of MGS4, although the neat bow everything was wrapped up irked me ever so slightly.
    But it felt like a good end for Snake as a character, his arc is done for me, seeing him as a old man and going through the emotional journey that he takes in the 'last chapter' just to bring him back for MGS 5 seems a little cheap.

    Hopefully it's more of an origin story of Solid Snake (not big boss as in MGS3). When he infiltrated shadow moses he was coming out of retirement, so maybe it's about his beginnings as a soldier.

    It could be a remake or sandwiched in between peace walker and MG? Or it could even be a remake of the original MG, but done differently?

    Either way I'M FUCKING STOKED.

      I'm pretty sure MG was his first mission - so it would have to be a remake of that game to constitute an origin story. That said, 80's cold war would be awesome.

    Old news. He was recruiting new staff months ago.

    Pretentious game, pretentious developer.

    must be between 1 and 4 or something, unless they cure him somehow and make him look young

    Here's hoping it's set in the 80s/early 90s and Solid is still taking orders from Big Boss... cause making it a sequel in any way to the end of MGS4 would be just ridiculous.

    *looks at revengance* Yeah, don't even talk to me about that one...

    Whwn he said that no games will have Snake as the main. Haracter after MGS4, I always thought he ment that no game that actually take place AFTER MGS4 would have Snake in it; not that he was done with the character. I am guessing the game will take place before Metal Gear, to give Snake some backstory.

    I always felt that the cobra unit lacked the back story that the DEADCELL had. You knew nothing about each member except they used to fight together with the boss. Maybe a new game about how the cobra unit came to be would be the logical next step. While playing mgs3, i wanted to give a shit more about the cobras but i just couldnt due to the lack of character back story. It was very... GUESS WHAT IM A BAD GUY, LETS FIGHT!

      You mean like what drebbin did after snake would defeat the beauty and the beast members

    I want a game that stress on The Boss.

      Peace walker and mgs3 stressed the fuck out of the The Boss... in fact everything was explained about her in pw by EVA. I'm done with that storyline... and big boss too, he's legendary we get it.

    I really want big boss to be center of mgs 5 but if snake is going to be the person you have to play, he better not be an old basterd.

    I'm glad it's coming back to solid snake... there's so much more known about Big Boss' character as opposed to Snake. Plus we haven't really seen young snake on a new gen aside from the octo face camo in mgs4. It's definitely going to be a remake of mg.

    compare the lush green scenery shown in the sample of the fox engine, it could easily be zanibar or south africa

    more infiltration =

    "Solid Snake ... goes into a solo infiltration mission into the fortified state of Outer Heaven"
    " Solid Snake must infiltrate Zanzibar Land, a heavily defended territory located in Central Asia"

    the human nuclear deterrent is back

    mgs4 act 2 on naomis computer it said "copying solid snake". and naomi said he has less than a year to live and big boss died at the end so unless some evil guy/gal pops up in less than six months snake's mission is over. but what about it's beggining? or another big boss mission in the 80's,90's? or a female character like the boss? or a remake of the mg games? anything could happen all we truly know 100% is that if kojima is a part of it, it will be epic. what we should also be asking is when can we expect it and when the next mgo experience will happen.

    The-next-snake' comment had to be the most logical and truest comment of all....hideo kojima is maKing the game and he's not stupid...so i expect this game to be great....lets just see how long it takes to drop in stores.

    Maybe sunny found a cure or snake trains her anyway why every is every upset that Snake is returning ffs Snake? what you just wont him to die. plus all MGS has guns and wepons that are only seen in 5 years later on other games like socom pistol which MW1 had TCGRFS is 14 years after MGS1 and is only other game with stealth on it and its shit compared to mgs. MGS2 had Ak-74u which BF and MW Didnt have till the second version also MGS4 had the P90 but MW and BF had F90 till the second version. Theres a easter egg in 4 if u have learned to read into all MGS Bigg Boss died next to Snake so they have the things to cure Snake Hideo thank you.

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