Korean Gamers Get Diablo III Refund After Server Woes

Diablo III server problems in South Korea have been bad. Korean gamers have been pissed — so pissed that they seemed rarin' to sue Blizzard. Good news, Korean gamers, Blizzard is offering an olive branch.

On its forums, the Blizzard Korea wrote that players who less than Level 40 can get a refund. The offer is only good for a limited time (June 25 to July 3).

From now on, players under Level 20 can also apply for a full refund within fourteen days of purchasing the game.

The server problems — caused by overwhelming player volume — have hit PC bang (net cafes) hard. Blizzard Korea rolled out more servers earlier this month, which should help with connection issues.

In late May, the country's Fair Trade Commission began investigating allegations that Blizzard refused to offer refunds to players who purchased Diablo III and were frustrated with overloaded game servers.

디아블로 III 커뮤니티에 드리는 감사 선물과 환불 안내 [Battle.net via http://blogs.wsj.com/korearealtime/2012/06/19/diablo-gamers-1-blizzard-0/?KEYWORDS=blizzard">Korea Realtime via Eurogamer]


    Has anyone cracked the DRM yet? I really want to play Diable 3, and my laptop is more than powerful enough, but 90% of the time I am limited to 3G Internet and don't want to have to deal with this crap.

      There is an emulated server that you can run on your local machine however its only been out for a few days and from what Ive read it has a quite few glitches and it drops the wrong kind of loot sometimes, also the NPCs that join you sometimes just stop working.

      So yeah its almost 100% accurate!

    Hmm.. well seeing as Blizzard will do refunds for Diablo 3 anyway (at least that's what I've heard on the forums.) , I don't think this i really news.
    And PC bang aren't suing for refunds, they're suing for loss of profits from servers not being available/playable.

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