Lara Croft Takes An Absolute Beating In This Tomb Raider Gameplay Trailer

Lara Croft Takes An Absolute Beating In This Tomb Raider Gameplay Trailer

Our first good look at gameplay from the upcoming Tomb Raider prequel/reboot also gives us a good look at hero Lara Croft…not doing so well.

It was announced tonight that the game will be out in March 2013.


    • except she seems to actually be in some kind of distress, rather than making jokes (seriously that shit gets old when it makes up 90% of the dialouge)

      ive never played a tombradier game but this looks really good..I hope its good

  • So from being the totally self assured, powerful, able, skilled, knowledgeable, and unflappable woman she was we get a typical run-of-the-mill fragile stupid waif scared out of her tiny mind. Wow. Pathetic.

    • it seems you have absolutely no idea what this game’s about.

      instead of taking the effort in understanding that this is a prequel style game where we see the beginning of Lara’s development into the Lara we know now, starting as a vulnerable and inexperienced young lady, not yet molded into the unwavering adventuress we now know, you chose to be a keyboard hero and let your cynicism make you look like a fool.

      Wow. Pathetic.

      Anyways, the trailer’s pretty impressive. let’s hope the final product delivers the same feeling!

    • One doesn’t become that way without the experience to grow from – ie this is that experience (it’s a prequel).

    • Oh dear, you didn’t know this is an origin story which shows us Lara go from inexperienced to hardened survivor, did you? Whoops, don’t you look silly.

    • Yeah, I agree, if it’s one thing video games lack it’s capable, able characters. I’m sick of all the video games featuring weak, fragile characters.

      I mean, look at all the characters I’ve played as this year: Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, John Marsden, Detective Cole Phelps, The Witcher, Commander Shepard, Dovakin, Ezio Auditore. What a typical bunch of flawed, frail, vulnerable characters … right?

    • I sort of agree with you, with this type of character starting out this has all the potential to go terribly wrong. The transition is huge enough it may not come across as natural. I hope they pull it off.

  • Obviously this is a reboot AND origins of how she grew a pair of balls. Haters gonna gate. Looks really good man.

  • Damn…I was hoping for a more open world survival/treasure island type game.

    This really seems identical to Uncharted gameplay, which I’m getting tired with. Needs more game, less ‘cinematic’ scripted moments and less Quick Time Events.

    • if a game could combine both, a place to explore, and some awesome scripted quick time events, ill be very very happy 🙂 but yeah, it seems this is more about following a path. but i’m not against it. the game is looking GREAT.

    • I was hoping for a survival type game as well, but this still looks pretty interesting to me. Disappointing to learn it’ll be another year till we get to see for ourselves.

  • hmm…wasn’t it first touted as more of a survival game? Where it was Lara vs the elements instead of another generic group of baddies?

    wished they wudve stuck with the actual promise. I envisioned things like being stuck in caves, trying to stay dry in the rain, bandaging up wounds, fighting off bears, wolves, and maybe even an island tribe of canibals. But now….cud’ve fooled me for another Uncharted game.

  • I was thinking it was more survival – rather than against the bad guys. I was kind of hoping for MGS3 kind of survival, like using antidotes for wasps and fighting off bears and trapping frogs and snakes and such.

    • There definitely needs to be more attempts at good survival gameplay. MGS3 was pretty great and I remember thinking ‘It’s going to be sweet to see what other developers do with this idea…’

      And yet nothing.

  • I’m starting to get excited about this game. I just hope the survival elements (such as hunting, finding water and making fire) aren’t just events and are part of the game play. Though her voice is incredibly shrill. Every time she screamed it was like nails on a chalkboard.

  • I don’t understand why they release trailers of like this which looks like a near finished product….then tell us we have to wait nearly an entire year for it come out.
    Talk about over hyping. Those things never end well…

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