Last Of Us Dev Becomes Unwitting E3 Meme Hero

When Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley took to the stage during Sony's E3 press conference, he was lit up like a boss (see above). Like he was doing his best impression of the cover art for Black Ops.

His colleagues at the Uncharted and Last of Us developers thought it was hilarious, so much so that artist Shaddy Safadi grabbed his camera and asked everyone he could find at E3 over the next few days to copy the pose.

The results are... wonderful.



      Yeah, I uh... I'm not seeing this. I'm guessing it's one of those 'you had to be there' things that really doesn't come off well under the cold, dispassionate lens of camera equipment.

    Reminds me more of the bald head from the Valve logo..


    Really, this is the bar for a meme now?, a guy with a camera gets a few random people to do a nondescript pose that looks a bit like how his boss stood for a couple of seconds in a presentation.

    What a load of balls, nobody noticed it in the first place bar the guys staff, there was no spontaneous reaction, just a douche with a camera trying to suck up to his boss.

    Waste of space nonsense.

    A bunch of people looking like sad emo kids looks crap without the same lighting.

    Doesn't work. Period.

    Booth babes are hot though.

    Ok im gonna say something here.....might upset you guys!
    Naughty Dog are so overrated!

      No, you're wrong.

      You shouldnt have an opinion - because it will be wrong. Go away.

    Girls in western outfits are do it best.

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