Last Of Us Gameplay Will Blow Your Mind

Last Of Us Gameplay Will Blow Your Mind

Last of Us is the upcoming PS3 exclusive from the folks behind Uncharted. This gameplay footage shows just how brutal the game looks to be.

Check out Kotaku‘s eyes on impressions.


  • Between this and Watch Dogs, I’m not sure which I want more. Both should be awarded Best of Show.

  • Looks cool, but I just didn’t get the context. Are these “bad guys”, or just other survivors that he felt the need to beat senseless without question?

    • I want to know this too. Also, would like to know if violence is the only option, or if stealth/conversation/bargaining/paying a toll is also an option.

    • I just assumed if you’re traveling through a post apocalyptic world with a teen girl you’re going to treat any pack of guys as hostile. I’m guessing there will be some sort of context though, like they belong to a hostile gang they’ve had dealings with before or something.

    • From the Youtube description…
      “Joel and Ellie are attempting to get to the bridge and out of the city. They are tourists in an area that’s controlled by hunters. They are hunted and yet they too are hunters. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive. What you’ll see here is something that we’re calling Balance of Power AI. Enemies will react realistically to whatever situation your combat style forces them into. Playing as Joel, Ellie’s help and whatever weapons you can scavenge are your best shot at progressing in this brutal, violent world.”

      When they first hear the guys talking they’re talking about how they just took down some “tourists” so it’s pretty likely they were gonna end up being hostile. Hopefully stealth is an option but it seems like the gameplay will be designed so you can either fight or stealth your way through.

    • They’re obviously bad guys. When Joel and Ellie first hear their conversation, they mention how they’ve killed 5 tourists recently. Then when they’re alerted to Joel’s presence, they refer to him as a tourist.

    • I don’t think it’s a father/daughter relationship. From their discussion, they clearly don’t know each other very well. Discussion about hotels, etc. Also, although allowing her to tag along, he’s pretty unsympathetic and hard: “Keep it together,” he barked to her.

      I don’t think – in something like this – there’s a huge difference between little boys and little girls. Certainly from what we just saw, the girl might as well have been androgynous.

    • Eh, father/son stuff feels like it’s in everything these days. A father/daughter relationship that’s more then just the typical dad not understanding teen girls could be interesting. Of course if they really wanted to shake things up they could have gone with a Mum/son thing. That’s almost never done outside those Desperate Housewives type shows.

      • I don’t want her to get her first period while I’m playing the game though. I don’t want a side quest to find a pad.

    • I think its been done. If they took that angle, they’d likely be compared unfavorably to the road.

      I’d like to see some taboos touched on here. Like the dynamics between a man and an (underage) teen girl in a context where they’re basically the only long-term opportunity either has for a sexual partnership. I don’t really want to watch them actually get together, but you could do some really interesting, uncomfortable narrative from that angle.

      • It’d be interesting if done right but I doubt anything like that will be in the game, or any western game in the foreseeable future. Can you imagine how the media would react to that sort of thing?

        Fox News Special Report: Are video games training grounds for pedophiles? The answer is yes.

      • Kind of like ‘Leon the Professional’? A fantastic movie that had that dynamic in it that you’re talking about and did it well. If they do it tastefully like that movie, it’ll cool to see.

    • I’ve been saying that this game is essentially The Road except with a different dynamic, more sunlight and no cannibals.

  • omg that looks epic! it was like watching a movie! didn’t want it to end!!! can’t wait to actually play it!

    is it a lot of ‘quicktime’ action or whatever they call it? like press X when prompted?

    • ‘like watching a movie’ is exactly why i’m not excited for it. same reason uncharted was bland, they put cinematics over actual gameplay. games shouldn’t aspire to be movies, they are a step below games.

    • Id say early teens. I think they have actually made her look younger since the initial reveal trailer to hopefully desexualise the character and make the player more protective of her.

      • I think I read she was supposed to be 14 or something? I dunno, she looked insanly tiny in that trailer, like she was 10 years old. Personally, I think I’d be more protective of a more… trying to think of the right word here, not sexualised but more… developed, yeah, that works, I’d be more protective of a more physically developed young female character than of one who’s prepubescent and is basically androgynous.

  • Here I was thinking Nathan Drake would survive the apocalypse. Nope, Joel killed him..

    Seriously, using Nolan North in a Naughty Dog game..? Everyone is going to recognise his voice lol.

  • Ohkhey, looks good, just a few things though:
    Oh look there is one way across the water
    Oh look there is one open window
    Oh look there is the US-flag
    Oh look there is one ladder
    Oh look there is another open window…

    Looks like very linear game play, almost like low quality cut scenes.
    And one more thing: No ammo and hostiles around? Loot the fregging bodies ^^

    • that pretty much echoes my thoughts, the whole thing felt extremely linear and scripted which imo just just doesn’t cut it any more. I want to feel like the choices i make in the game actually make a difference to how it plays out not like regardless of my choice i will have to find a way past some bad guys or that i even have to enter that building.

  • The animation is truly first rate. The brutality of the kills is also refreshing, there needs to be consequences, emotionally, to all the killing.

  • This will so be banned in Aus.
    Looks cool but I don’t know if it’s as new and unique as I was expecting.
    Seems very cinematic and like there will be a lot of quick time events (shudder). Also quite linear. I think that sort of survival game would really benefit from an open environment to explore, scavenge , set up traps etc.
    I’ll keep an eye out for it though.

  • I’m looking forward to this like I’m looking forward to my next breath; obvious, assumed, and essential to living. I like the idea of stop-and-pop gunplay without having copious bullets. Picking up ammo by physically tapping it out of a revolver. Crafting on the fly – no pauses. It looks like immersion is high on Naughty’s list and I like that. I’m also glad to see Joel doesn’t feel an incessant need to touch everything like Drake did in UC3; an at-times dodgey animation system which broke the illusion of Drake’s presence in an environment.
    Proving, once again, that Naughty Dog are Sony’s premier 1st party studio.

  • @Inquisitorsz
    Most likely correct.. However, there is a few UK (PAL Region) sellers @ almost half the price generally. with free shipping.

    Just hoping it isnt banned, and if it is, customs dont filter my order.

  • Yeah looks great. So is there any gameplay or is it just Cinemmersive Takedowns and cutscnes while you sit there pressing X and being Emotionally Immersed in the Narrative

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