LEGO Minecraft Now Real, Has Great Packaging

While the official LEGO Minecraft set doesn't look like much in pictures, it looks a lot better before you take it out of the box, the bricks coming in square packaging that's been printed to look like a chunk of Minecraft terrain. Cute touch!

Lego Minecraft Set 21102 Review [Brothers Brick]



      Yeah, even if you like Minecraft I really can't see the appeal of this.

      But it's LEGO -and- Minecraft.
      The six year old me screams for the LEGO whilst the twenty-one year old me is excited about the prospect of playing Minecraft IRL and asks politely where I can buy every single one of these?

    i like minecraft

    i like lego

    i see no appeal to this

    The blocks are too small

    If this box were $10, I'd be interested. As costs $34.95 USD (which is probably $50AUD at retail), I do not care at all :(

    I like Lego as much as the next guy but minecraft lego seems pointless. You can do the exact same thing with regular, not to mention larger, bricks.

    As someone who loves Lego and Minecraft this just looks stupid.

    I mean, this is essentially Lego based on a video game that was based on Lego to start with. It's like, Lego has improved to the point where it has a lot of more detailed objects but this makes Lego look even less detailed.

    But what evs, people will buy anything.

    I would use this as an expansion pack to my usual lego collection to create something intresting

    I'm pretty sure I remember in the lead up to this set's release, everyone was clamouring for it. Now it's out and nobody seems to want it? Lolwut?

    I don't play Minecraft and I want this. Heck this set might be what pushes me over to playing it.

    Think of it this way guys... we already buy collectible scenes and figure from our favourite games/movies/comics/whatever. This is the same thing but for Minecraft, and works well since it embodies what that game is about and features the dual function of configurable toy and model.

    heck this guy even says it's like the architecture series which is about making a complete display model.

    For someone who loved the Architecture series, I'll probably pick this up eventually. Yeah it's expensive, but I've spent a lot more on figurines at things like Supernova. I love Minecraft to death and this set does a good job at bringing the visuals into the real world.

    A tad over priced but this set isnt supposed to be utterly mind blowing , its a novelty thing . If it was cheaper I would get it.

    A building game building blocks.


    Yo Dawg.

    Redundancy Department.


    Micro-Mundo goes where he pleases!!!

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