Lego Undercover City Is Basically Grand Theft Auto With Cops. And Lego.

You can run around a very blocky open world in Lego Undercover City, an upcoming Wii U game with some cool new features. Don't expect any blood or prostitutes here, but Undercover City really does feel a lot like a brickified Grand Theft Auto.

You walk and drive around an open city, following missions and interacting with civilians. You can also use the Wii U controller in some neat ways.

Check out the above footage, shot by Kotaku video editor Chris Person, for a hands-on look at the game.


    Lego hot coffee mod..?

    It's kind of sad that this is a Wii U exclusive because I would love to see what the modding community will do with it.

    Crash your car, rebuild it, take off before the cops catch you.

    Or build the blocks into a little castle and hide in there.

    It's a shame that the houses and landscape aren't Lego, buts that's still so awesome!

      I actually prefer it how it is. Gives a clear indication what is breakable and what isn't. But yeah, it really does look awesome!

    Is the guy that is driving a retard?

    At first I was like pfft, A few secs into the trailer at E3 I knew I had to buy it.

    I wonde how long it will be before console manufactures will take advantage of all the mobile devices (andoid/apple) as extensions to their consoles. Nintendo dd this some time ago with their cued & me having to buy another console :P

    Luckily this'll be out on 3DS also so I don't necessarily have to get a Wii U to play it!

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