Let's See How Nintendo's New 3DS XL Sizes Up To The Competition

Nintendo is releasing an extra-large version of its 3DS in August, so it's time to start stretching out those pockets. How does the 3DS XL size up to other portable gaming machines? Let's answer that question with a handy-dandy size comparison chart.

I spent the better part of my early morning rendering a bunch of portable play machines down to size, painstakingly ensuring that the dimensions seen in the image below are as close as possibly to the actual size of the devices. Well, comparably, at least. Otherwise we'd all need much smaller hands.

Let's take a look.

What, that's too small for you? See? Size does matter. Click here to blow that baby up to full size.


    If the 3DS XL had the same backwards compatibility as the Vita with digital titles, I'd totally grab one.

      But it does. You can buy DSi stuff on the store and play it on your 3ds. Regular DS games never had digital versions but you can still play the gamecards on the 3DS...

    I would buy the 3DSXL. If only the games are not region protected. sigh......

    Looking forward too it. Its will be so nice to have a larger screen!!

    wow, the 2nd controll nub for that thing will be massive, I'd have been tempted to buy the XL if it had the 2nd slide controll built in.

    Nice inclusion of the GBA Micro between the Vita and the DSi XL!

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