Liara, You're Looking Awfully Blue Today. And Very Three-Dimensional.

Hello, Dr. T'soni. Why are you looking at me that way?

One Reddit member's cousin is apparently both a sculptor or prop artist and a Mass Effect fan. This recreation of Liara may not be pitch-perfect — she's hovering somewhere between her earlier, innocent archaeologist self and her later, darker, Shadow Broker self — but it's still remarkably detailed. And entirely handmade.

The pre-painting shots in the progress gallery show how much detail went into the carving itself. The finished version, as seen above, maintains Liara's classic blue-on-blue look.

All in all? Pretty impressive for one person's freehand work.

This is my cousin's sculpture of Liara, what does /r/gaming think? [Reddit]


    Looks way more like Liara than that awful anime-looking figurine that was commissioned awhile back. Really nice work.

    I'm getting an uncanny valley vibe. Which is weird because its a vibe to a fictional character. Its like the valley within a valley.

    She has to be the single most sexiest alien in the universe

    Does it look like she's saying
    "Tell me again about how people who hated the original ME3 endings had no right to complain about it"

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