Looks Like The Next Big Star Wars Game Stars Boba Fett

The same GameTrailers spill that leaked the announcement of a Castlevania Lords of Shadow sequel also mentions a new Star Wars game called 1313.

As we expected when a site was trademarked by Lucasarts, 1313 strongly suggests this is a Boba Fett game, since Boba's use of the CT-1313 is about the only significant time the numberals pop up in Star Wars lore.

If we can't have Prey 2 as our space mercenary game to look forward to at this E3, this will do just fine as a substitute, thanks.

We'll more than likely have a trailer and more news when the actual GameTRailers TV episode airs later tonight.

GmeTrailers TV [GameTrailers]


    Star Wars Bounty Hunter was an amazing game. This has the potential to be amazing, please don't blow it, LucasArts!

    Hmm this has my Nose all a tickle, an open World Star wars game where you are a Bounty hunter and take on bountys and get all the bells and whistles you can imagine sounds cool.

    Kinda want a blend of Star wars universe and Assasins creed World Design here, would make some interesting gaming.

    Why are they following the George Lucas trend? You know, only extending what we love from the original trilogy rather then creating something new based on the franchise? Star Wars is a huge universe that's apparently limited to 3 movies.

      This! So much this!

      I would love a story about a new protagonist in the Star Wars Universe, and I don't mean like TFU.

      Fully fleshed out characters, story that fits in the universe. It doesn't even need to meet or mingle with the movies.

      I was expiating something great with TFU, but they really messed up the story. Especially when they try to tie in major developments in the universe to their new character (and Oh! Look! Vader!).

      ...sorry Friday arvo, after a couple of drinks at the end of work.

    In-house or outside developer?
    My response to this game depends on this answer.

      Think its going to be in house, I remember reading some time ago that SW:TOW (and SW Kinect(?) was going to be the last outside developed SW game can't find the articale again though ><

    I hope they give us what Prey2 promised. Inside the SW universe would be even better.

    I will get my hopes high, but very likely be horribly dissapointed.

    I got excited, for about 10 seconds, before I realised that it's just going to be another boring Star Wars game. Nothing LucasArts has done recently has impressed me at all.

    The only speck of creativity that I've ever seen come out of a Star Wars game was in Droid Works.

      Yep, I've felt the same before each E3 when every single year a rumour came out saying "xwing is back", and it always turned out to be either a wrong rumour with no game (these were the good years in fact) or a true rumour about a new really crap and cheap looking game.

    Please, no. It's bad enough the best characters in Star Wars go out like hopeless fools, stop eliminating their mystique with pointless back stories that are inevitably terrible just like the vast majority of the Expanded Universe (and the prequel trilogy too). The Star Wars galaxy is a big place, there's no need to use an existing character, or even a thinly veiled narrative clone of one, as anything other than a cameo. An actually good game would be nice for a change too.

    I'd be excited if it wasn't for the fact that the prequels basically ruined Boba as a character by making him a clone of Temuera Morrison.

      He's not just a clone. He *is* Temuera Morrision now, apparently.
      This past weekend I caught a bit of Empire on TV while I was flipping through the channels...eventually it gets to the scene where Han is being sealed in carbonite and Boba Fett says his line to Vader about how Solo is worth a lot if he's kept alive, you know what I mean... well yeah... this was apparently the latest cut for the Blu ray collection I'm assuming (not sure, I refused to buy it and didn't even bother to look up the terrible changes)
      Long story short, Morrison's voice is Boba Fett in the 'new' original trilogy cut. And that wasn't the most glaring change either...
      Apparently George decided he had to replace the giant hologram of the Emperor (from the scene in which Vader informs the Emperor about Luke) with a 'new shiny hologram' of the new Emperor, complete with bad makeup and poor acting... and I'm pretty sure dialog was changed/rearranged in that scene too. I'm not certain cause I was disgusted and complaining to my long-suffering significant other about how they're being slowly and systematically turned INTO the prequel movies.

      I apparently care way too much about this. Especially considering how very little Lucas himself cares about it. I will stop typing now. :-P

    boba fett used to be my favourite. now i don't have one thanks to george

    BattleFront 3 is all we really care about lucas


    Other sites are saying this game is about Level 1313 on Coruscant and not about Boba.

    Which makes sense, George has no interest in expanding the good trilogy, he seems determined to keep forcing (no pun intended) those 3 craptastic films down our throats until we accept them as canon.

      Lucasarts have confirmed this as the case. It smacks to me of a bland star wars flavored sandbox.

    Ive been waiting my entire life for a game about Fett.... Pleaaaaaase dont be shit

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