Luigi's Mansion's 3DS Trailer Scares... Nobody

I still can't believe they're making another Luigi's Mansion game. I mean, I see this trailer, and some part of me acknowledges it, but other parts just laugh and say "right, Luke, and next thing you know they'll make another Pikmin game..."


    that's opinion, not news! ahhhhhhh *head explodes*

    I can't believe that Nintendo would make a sequel to the best selling game of November 2011, the 5th highest selling GameCube game overall, AND it was also well-received.

    Wowzers, Nintendo sure is crazy.

    Don't even get me started on Pikmin.

    To be fair, the first Luigi's Mansion wasn't particularly scary either. But it was fun, and challenging, so those two elements are all I'm interested in for this sequel.

    Seriously, Luke I understand you don't like Nintendo but seriously be proffesional about it and stop acting like a little 12 fanboy on a forum.

    Over the moon with Luigi's Mansion finally getting a sequel!

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