LulzSec Hackers Who Attacked Nintendo And Sony Plead Guilty

Two of the members of LulzSec behind last year's attacks on other gaming websites, have plead guilty in a British court today.

The Telegraph reports that Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis plead guilty to multiple charges of "conspiracy to do an unauthorised act or acts with intent to impair". Davis is also facing charges in the United States.

Both plead "not guilty" to a number of other charges, most related to "encouraging or assisting" an offence. Essentially, the pair admit that they intended to impede various sites' and networks' services, but deny working with others or egging others on in the participation. Trial for those charges has been set for April of next year. Davis and two others, Ryan Ackroyd and an unnamed 17-year-old, have been released on bail. Cleary had his bail revoked earlier after breaking his promise not to access the internet while out of jail, the condition of his release.

LulzSec's Ryan Cleary admits hacking into CIA and the Pentagon [The Telegraph]


    May as well of told the guy not to breath. The internet doesn't just exist on peoples basment computers.

    More importantly though, Kotaku needs better hacker hands mug shot. I mean, who could actually type properly in those gloves. C'mon!

    Bunch of tossers.


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