Make Crazy Faces At Your Webcam And Your EverQuest II Character Will Soon Mimic Them

Emotes in MMOs are no new thing. Interacting with players online just isn't the same if you can't dance with them every once in a while.

But EverQuest II, an eight-year-old MMORPG, is getting an even more impressive facelift for even more expressive emotes. Namely, your emotes. No typing, only a webcam that will watch your facial expressions to instruct your avatar to match it. Smile and your avatar smiles with you. Talk, and the SOEmote technology will translate your mumblings into creature-fied versions of itself.

The voice part is a little creepy, as you can see in the video above. I might have nightmares of an ogre version of my voice whispering ominous things to me.

SOE will be unveiling this new tech at E3 this year, so hang tight for our impressions. Or more accurately, Fahey's impressions.


    This would be great for Machinima

    This is totally awesome. Now let Rift, WoW and other mmos incorporate this.

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