Mario Theme Music Performed By Diablo III

I'm a big fan of the fantastic sound design of Diablo III. I'm also a big fan of Koji Kondo's original theme for Super Mario Bros.

So as you can imagine, I got a kick out of this remix by YouTuber Tyler73123, who puts the sounds of Diablo III behind the music from Mario. OK so, he really just syncs up the sound effects to the rhythm of Mario, but it's still pretty funny.

My, what a nice sense of musicality you have, Diablo III! You must knock 'em dead at parties.


    so cool..........

    add the bass line, remove the backing original track, then I'll be impressed haha

    Eh, it is kinda cool but it's cheating adding the original music...

    Without the original music it would sound nothing like the SMB theme...

      yeah...this is utter crap.

    Well I expected something good or even maybe just bad but interesting and I got neither.

    Seems like the only way to enjoy D3 is do silly things like that. Pretty clever though.

    I'm so tired of this tune. It's the Stairway to Heaven of gaming.

      Haha so true. Give me Sonic 2's Chemical Plant over any mario theme any day.

    This is stupid, anyone can edit a video of random sounds of a game together over the SMB theme.

    lol at the dweeb who sat all day editing it

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