Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending DLC Available For Download Tomorrow

Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending DLC Available For Download Tomorrow

When do you get to download and try out the new! improved! endings to Mass Effect 3? It depends what platform you’re on.

According to a series of tweets from producer Michael Gamble, the DLC will likely be available after 7pm AEST for Xbox and PlayStation users, and as for we PC gamers? They plan to have the content available for download on Origin “before noon MST”, which is 4am AEST.

Also promised? A drop in the level of galactic readiness required to see all available scenes; a certain choice now requires ~3100 strength in assets rather than ~4000+.

And to see all the changes? Start from the assault on the Cerberus base (which, conveniently, is the autosave created for you after you finish the game).


  • Just to clarify, the drop is in the war assets required; galactic readiness is a multiplier that just makes it easier to get a higher amount of assets, but if you’re a completionist you’ll easily get over 6000 assets with a galactic readiness of 0% (without needing to touch multiplayer).

    • I was under the impression that at launch without DLC or other outside influences even if you min/maxed you couldn’t get more than like 3500. Presumably a mistake caused by the content cuts they had to make to get the game out on time.

        • erm no he’s actually right mostly because Lucas and Dog is talking about 2 different things. there are ~7400 TMS to get which includes the day one DLC (you can double check by opening your coalesced.bin) with a readiness of 50% (default without playing multiplayer) that gets halved to ~3700 (EMS). if you want the micro second of teaser that is found in a certain ending choice you need >4000 which you can’t get by normal means. the new change seemingly means you only need 3100 to trigger that scene (tbd 2moro when the update comes)

        • No, he’s correct. Your galactic readiness is 50% without multiplayer. The max war assets you can get from a completionist run is around 7200. So your maximum effective military strength without multiplayer/iOS is (assets * readiness) = around 3600.

  • So that will that mean that in 12 months when no one is playing MP because they’ve worked out its more boring than watching paint dry you can still finish the game without it to get the best ending? Which you should have been able to do in the first place….ah Mass Effect 3 sucks!

    • I dont want to play it again either. Someone will put the new scenes on youtube, I’ll check it out there.

    • Interestingly I was very active in the community in terms of asking for a retake on the ending. Having got it however, it feels like the whole saga has been trivialised by Bioware and EA. Concurrently, ignorant elements within the media and uninformed gamers in general have accused us of all manner of unpleasant things for wanting the change . I just feel over it, like its a Pyrrhic victory.

  • At least it lets you build some of the tension for the ending again I suppose. If it was just a 2 second cutscene after loading the game it’d be even more pointless.

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