Mass Effect 3 Makes Its Nintendo Debut On The Wii U

BioWare just announced via its official Twitter account that Mass Effect 3 will be a launch title for the Wii U this Christmas season. Perhaps the new end content will be in place by then.


    Wow the ending was that bad? Will see if the Wii U version is worth it. Best thing is Nintendos home console is finaly getting a Mass Effect, sure its a port but its getting something and thats more then the original Wii could ever hope for

    yawn mass effect sucks

      The Mass Effect series is fantastic.

      The ending of ME3 did suck and WAS really that bad.

      The producer wanted to generate discussion and polarise the community and he got that - just not in the way he'd anticipated.

      Good to see ME3 on the Wii though. Will be interested to see what is ported and how, as well as how well it performs in comparison to the other platforms.

    It would probably make weapon/power selections a lot less clunky if all of that is on the touchscreen.

    I see no reason to buy it though considering I have it on 360, unless they add piles of new content.

      I dunno - it doesn't seem that easy t transition from aiming with the right-stick to using the touch screen.

    Just ME3? Whats the point? That's just like releasing ROTJ into cinemas with a 3 minute recap at the beginning for everyone without making the first two...

      Yeah - I really have to agree. Who's the market for this?

    I really cannot see a point in buying this version, firstly the game's biggest feature is that it allows you to import your previous games save file and the data it brings makes a huge difference to the story and accounts for about 20% of the games content which can only be accessible from playing the previous titles.

    Throw in Mass effect 2 with it, and i'll consider it. I wonder when they can port mass effect one?

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