Mass Murderer Angered Over World Of Warcraft Connection

Anders Behring Breivik is currently on trial in an Oslo District Court for killing 77 people. The mass murder sent shockwaves through the world. Now, prosecutors have offered more evidence to explain his motivation: between November 2010 and February 2011, Breivik played World of Warcraft an average of six hours and 50 minutes every day.

According to Norwegian paper Verdens Gang, Breivik was angered by this connection and said, "It is not relevant to this case whatsoever."

Kotaku previously covered the virtual life of Andres Behring Breivik, who said at one point he spent an entire year playing Blizzard's massively multiplayer online roleplaying game for 16 hours a day.

A former World of Warcraft guildmate told Kotaku earlier this year that Breivik was "unremarkable", "socially awkward" and "not very opinionated".

This isn't the first World of Warcraft link, and it's been a constant throughout the trial. In April, when the court case began, the prosecution displayed an image of his World of Warcraft character, Andersnordic. This latest assertion — connecting Breivik's average World of Warcraft gaming time to the mass killings — made him so upset that he threatened to switch off his microphone during the court proceedings.

As disturbed as Breivik is and as horrific as his crimes are, he's right. World of Warcraft is not relevant to this case whatsoever.

Prosecutors: Killer Played World of Warcraft 7 Hours Per Day [Yahoo — Thanks Zareh!]

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    Stupid media. If playing video games for 7 hours per day would lead to mass murders then watch out world for the gamer apocalypse... Am sure a few million of us out there are about ready to burn this place to the ground. :| sigh

      I don't think the media are the ones presenting the 'evidence'.

    Funnily enough religeon is mentioned far more than video games in his manifesto. Guess this is just easier to pin the blame on. Why is it so hard to realise that some people are just crazy?

      'God made me do it' just doesn't sell papers like it used too. I bet he used forks too, upto 3 times a day. We should probably look that also, seems to be a little more than a coincidence.

    "As disturbed as Breivik is and as horrific as his crimes are, he’s right. World of Warcraft is not relevant to this case whatsoever."

    'fraid so.

      He could just be against anything that distracts from whetever idealology he intended for the killings. Having is motivations ignored and replaced with 'video games made him do it' or 'drugs made him do it' could come across as one of the worst possible outcomes.

      Just because he reaches a sane conclusion, doesn't mean sane logic was involved.

    Oh shit, In the summer of 2005-2006 I played WoW for 16 hours a day... Looks like I'm capable of going on a killing spree

    Oh wait, I have free will and a sense of morality...

      ^ LOL... HAHAHA, you made my day sir!

    Anders, can I have all ur stuff?

    Ban world of warcraft, suddenly and without warning.
    Trust me
    It will be funny.

      methinks that the world may all of a sudden have a 10million strong army uprising of disgruntled citizens of the world, all of which are probably quite knowledgeable about a wide range of explosive devices and sneak tactics. The infrastructure is already in place for communications, all we would need is a fuse :P

      (in my defence I quit WoW last year but still, it would be hilarious)

    How could you claim it is not relevant? playing 16 hours a day for an entire year could result in the mental state of mind to which drew him to the conclusions of what he believed needed to be done.

    Anders got a thrill killing in the game, got a thrill defeating enemies in the game for games are a make believe world where u can destroy and kill or fly seek and find treasure! I don't doubt he enjoyed his role as a gamer and decided to take the game to the real world withen his mind and cleverly putting his belief on the internet claiming to be leader of the templar knights! For he wanted to be a ruler in the game and decided to take his anger out on those he disliked withen his nieghborhood, thought by doing what he did and claiming who he wanted to be it would be easy to possible draw others into his madness which some already were arrested for plotting, one looked like him and was also charged for a few killings! All in all he is wrong! Whatever reason withen his mind and what theories or ideas that motivated him are still insane and doctors and shrinks will have differnt opinions why he did what he did and try to say it was because of this and that...but overall he's guilty and got caught or let authority have a thief ,criminal that says this and that why they do this and that! His outfit in game is goofy looking like all the paperdoll outfits!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Isn't his playing of WOW slightly relevant to the case because he said that he was using it as a cover for all his other planning in order to avert suspicion? It's just not as significant and cause and effect as the media is hyping it up to be. For all intents and purposes, he could have been spending all his time on Facebook instead with exactly the same outcome.

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