Max Payne's Day-To-Day Life Probably Shouldn't Be This Funny

And yet it is. This video by Michael Shanks (the same man behind that great Box-Art Brawl video from last week) depicts the high's and lows, mostly lows, of Mr Max Payne's day-to-day life.

Yes, it's a joke that's been done before. Perhaps too many times. And yet the execution here is pretty damned funny.

(See what I did there, with the "Execution?" Oh, yeah.)


    Oh... not the Michael Shanks I thought it was... that would have been awesome.

    Still pretty funny, though.

    Brilliant! The only way he could improve in this is if he cast his fat bald uncle haha

    Oh I am SO cleaning my windows akimbo xD!
    "They were all gone.
    Stains wiped clean from my window like the blood of my enemies from my vision...
    Or rain off a windscreen by the indiscriminate motion of the wipers during a poetic and rhetorical thunderstorm, blanketing the city in gloom and shadows harbouring vengeful ghosts."

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