May The Incredible Music Of Final Fantasy Live On Forever

May The Incredible Music Of Final Fantasy Live On Forever

No matter how you feel about the current state of Final Fantasy — and if you’re a fan of role-playing games at all, you likely have some sort of unshakeable conviction about which was the best, which was the worst, and how Square Enix has ruined everything — there’s one fact you can’t deny: It’s got some awesome jams.

Composer Nobuo Uematsu is the best in the business, and for tonight’s edition of Kotaku Melodic I thought I’d pay tribute to 10 of his tracks that rank among my favourites.

Remember, these are not the 10 best Final Fantasy songs. It’d be impossible to pick only 10 best tracks out of Uematsu’s tremendous body of work. These are just my 10 favourite. So keep that in mind before you get angry and post in the comments about how I left out your favourite song. Thanks in advance.

Here they are:

Red Wings (Final Fantasy IV)

Final Fantasy IV‘s regal airship theme is an eternally hummable, lovely theme that does a wonderful job of both introducing the game and making you feel like you’re being accompanied by a marching band.

Locke’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)

It’s treasure hunter, bro. I want this theme to play whenever I enter a room.

Battle Theme (Final Fantasy XIII)

The only real downside of this rocking violin-heavy track is that it takes a solid 58 seconds to get to the good part. Final Fantasy XIII‘s fast-paced battles are often over by then.

Celes’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)

Fun fact: the bulk of this track is actually a slow-paced variation on Aria di Mezzo Carattere, also known as the Opera Song. I like this version better because it always remind me of that one scene halfway through Final Fantasy VI where Celes… well, Kirk hasn’t played the game yet, so I won’t spoil it. You know the scene.

Aerith’s Theme (Final Fantasy VII)

Aerith’s (Aeris’s) Theme is also a variation on Aria di Mezzo Carattere. It’s also known as the song that will make you cry forever.

Boss Battle (Final Fantasy IV)

You could use this track to hype yourself up before an important job interview or first date. Just listen to that bass. Heart-pumping.

Cid’s Theme (Final Fantasy VII)

There’s a funny dissonance between this song — one of the grandest things I’ve heard, the type of melody you might play to introduce a king — and the character it represents. Final Fantasy VII‘s Cid is a gruff engineer who likes to curse a lot. Still, it’s a great track.

Troian Beauty (Final Fantasy IV)

This lovely track never comes up when people bring up the best Final Fantasy music, but it should. It’s gorgeous.

Highwind Takes To The Skies (Final Fantasy VII)

If this song doesn’t make you want to go on an adventure, you have no soul.

Epitaph (Final Fantasy VI)

Aw. This makes me sad for Setzer. Poor Setzer.


  • Theme of Love from IV is missing. As is You Are Not Alone from IX. Heck all of IX’s music to me is amazing.

    • I first saw this article and though. “OMG Mr. Schreier is the best!”

      But seeing there was no To Zanarkand, Suteki Da Ne or anything from FFX for that matter. The above statement does not hold true. Mr. Schreier is only #2 for making this article now.

  • A good mix, but I am surprised by the lack of the ever popular (but so overused) One-Winged Angel or my personal favourite – To Zanarkand from FF X.

  • Out of all of those songs only 1 came from the Square Enix regime. The rest were from the Square/Squaresoft glory days. Doesnt that mean Square Enix DOESNT have comparably great music as well? Yep, thats they dont have anyone who can match up to Nobuo Uematsu.

  • I love pretty much all the music from FFs 7 & 8. Liberi Fatali and Fithos lusec wecos vinosec from 8 especially. 10 has some great stuff too. I really dispised the music from ff13, for me it wasn’t ff at all.

  • Bookmarking this, great list! I really missed listening to Cid’s theme, such an awesome track to listen to when you’re feeling like “This is grim… yet we must be victorious, even if I have to die to see this through and fight them alone!”.

  • Quite a nice list, good to see some of the less used tracks making an appearance. Yes we can all mention To Zanarkand, You are not alone, Liberi Fatali and all the “Big Ones” but we all know them already and we all know how amazing they are and we all automatically go to them to play. I remember Locke’s theme very well but the last time I heard it was probably 9 years back when I last played the game, it is lists like these that make us remember why “all” of the music is great even though we may only have a handful of tracks on our “socially unacceptable” playlist on our phones/ipods etc

  • RE: Almighty Booka
    I agree- it’s a heroic theme with haunting themes to it which fits perfectly with Cid’s backstory and personality.

  • I almost prefer the FF games without voice acting because they relied on great music to evoke the emotions in you.

  • maybe a stupid question !!!!!
    but is their a change your can send me ( or someone ) al this music from FFVII to my mail?
    i’m looking for that cd already for ages, so maybe im lucky this tims i hope, ๐Ÿ™‚
    strange i did not found a torrent yet……………..;
    anyway , i was so pleasd to hear that music again…. makes me 13 agian
    greetz chris

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