Meet The New Woman Behind Lara Croft

Meet The New Woman Behind Lara Croft
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Developers Eidos have done away with the long-standing tradition of having a real-life Lara Croft promote a Tomb Raider game. Instead, they’ve done something far more useful: brought in someone to actually play Croft in the game.

English actress Camilla Luddington will basically be Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, as she’s done both the voice and motion-capture work for the role. The only thing missing will be, you know. Her face. Which won’t be hers.

Which is a little weird, but if Camilla is cool with that, then I’m cool with that.


    • Here’s a question I’m sure the people assessing that comment asked themselves: Brain Size?

      Actually, no they don’t. The answer is obvious. 🙁

    • As long as the voice and mo-cap are good, I wont give a damn… but now I have the image of those mo-cap ping-pong balls taped to her nipples… I hate you for making me sleazy.

    • The wonders of computer animation makes that irrelevant these days. Well unless they’re aiming for some super real mo-cap jiggle.

  • “For the first time, we’re taking Lara seriously as a character by not dressing up a model in very little clothing to try to sell games. This time, we’re just going to chuck the voice actress in a T-shirt with ‘Tomb Raider’ written across her tits, because, conveniently, she’s hot enough and people have already seen her naked. Respect for women!”

    • “Tomb raider across her tits”

      I’m sorry, while that is true, the fact is that at any games conference where people are wearing promotional merch about their game. The name goes across the breast region. Man or Woman.

      It’s not often you see writing down near the abdomen. Generally because the branding down their isn’t within view of the face at close differences. I mean what’s the point in wearing a name brand shirt if people can’t see that your wearing a name brand shirt.

      And part 2 only makes sense if that’s why she’s chosen. I mean by that logic to show respect for women you can no longer use any woman who has ever been seen nude in any form.

      She played kate middleton in 2011 so you could argue she’s at both ends of the spectrum. But then she’s going to be in the newest season of True Blood. So she’ll probably end up tits akimbo again in that, especially since if her character is anything like in the books she’s essentially meant to be someone guys drool over.

      • Her looks were surely not the reason she was chosen, but it’s disingenuous to trot out a hot chick as ‘the voice of Lara’ while still claiming that they’re taking the character seriously by not trotting out a hot chick as ‘the face of Lara’.

        I’m not saying it’s sexist (just juvenile at worst) but it’s just further evidence that the devs aren’t exactly serious with all their talk about respecting the character and making sure she’s more than a fetish object.

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