Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's New Gameplay Trailer Is Bananas

Pure, 100% organic bananas. I mean, I know we should be expecting this, since it's being developed by the guys behind Bayonetta, but still. Bananas.

The game will be out in early 2013.



    Hear that? That is the sound of a Japanese - English translator being fired.

    Gah! That music was horrible.

    Still, it looks interesting, not quite what it originally looked like but definitely interesting. I'll play it because I'm unashamedly a MG fanboy and because I kinda liked bayonetta and DMC.

      What? are you saying Depache Mode is horrible? or the choice of song horrible?

        I just can't enough of Platinum Games. Loved Vanquish and Bayonetta

    This is absolutely bonkers.
    This is MY kind of bonkers :D

    That music was painful at first but quickly got catchy and then enjoyable for me.


    It looks pretty good. But it doesn't look like a Metal Gear game. I think this one will be a weekend hire rather than a purchase.

    This is a total insult to the Metal Gear name. Looks f**king sh*t. oh well, at least its a spinoff and not part of the actual MGS narrative

      Explain to me how this is an "Insult". Because it's not stealth? because you don't play as snake? Watch a cut scene with Raiden in MGS4 and tell me that this does not fit (hell look take a look at Grey Fox in MGS 1). Also it's not really a spin off, it clearly states in the trailer it's set after the fall of the patriots.

        Because its a shameless cash in that has almost nothing to do (tonally) with the original game and is riding home on the mgs branding?

          A "shameless cash in" would be repeatedly reproducing the same product (ie: COD) because it will see results. The fact that they are taking a risk by making a game about Raiden with a different play style bodes a potential loss for the company (hardly taking advantage for profit). Furthermore, speaking on tone of the series, the story more than incorporates the style of Rising, like I told Tom have a look at the scenes with Raiden in MGS4 or Grey Fox in MGS1. The tone of the gameplay will be undoubtedly different, hence why it is called Metal Gear *Rising* not Solid, snake's story ended with four god forbid they expand the universe a little. If tone is to be your argument you have to take in to account Peace Walker and also Metal Gear Acid that too stray from the original style.

    Looks Tits! And with Platinum Games' track record, will definately pick it up :D

    Bayonetta is awful.

    Never played MGS but this will probably change that, at least it's different from a lot of the generic trailers we get.

      What trailers have you been watching? That was a generic "Bad guys are doing bad things and you were once doing bad things but now you want to make it right so you become an angry dude carving things up in revenge set to a metal soundtrack" trailer.

    Unfortunately, I think I'm jaded by my experience with the previous games. This comes off far too much like "Metal May Cry XVI; Solidus of Virtue*" for me to invest any interest in it (in the sense of maintaining MG canon, at least).
    When I think of the Metal Gear series as a whole, it's always been tactical espionage. It simply appears that they're trying to capitalise on a known popular IP. Granted, I understand the need for change and a different style/market, but I can't help but feel that this is a forced move as opposed to a natural progression.
    *I would likely purchase something of that title, if only FOR the title.

    Looks A LOT better than the last trailer I saw, when they first introduced the "revengence" title.

    A world gone wrong, make it right... by stabbing everything angrily, and we mean everything. Road falling out from underneath you? Stab it! Building support in the way of a bad guy? Stab it! Ground underneath a bad guy? Stab it!

    Two impressions

    1. WTF was that trailer? ROFL.
    2. Best trailer ever. UBER HYPE!

    so at what point was this removed from PC?

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