Metro: Last Light's Gut-Wrenching Live-Action Trailer Was Made In The Cold

Completely bereft of gameplay footage, the stunning live-action "Enter the Metro" trailer for THQ's Metro: Last Light generated more interest in the game than any amount of rendered shooting would have. Let's see how it all came together.

The video is even more chilling once you realise the cast of more than 150 were filmed in sub-freezing temperatures on location in Kyiv, Ukraine. That anguish on their faces? I'm guessing they didn't need to act too hard.


    Attention everybody! It was cold when they filmed this.

      Ukraine level cold is very very different from Australia level cold. Australia level cold is mild enough that my friends from the UK can comfortably walk around in t-shirt and shorts. I suspect people from the Ukraine would feel the same way

    They did such an awesome job on this trailer, wish more game trailers were like this.

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