Michael Ironside Isn't Sam Fisher Anymore. This Other Guy Is.

You don't fuck with Michael Ironside. If you give the man a Splinter Cell script and he doesn't like it, he will come at you. Just like he came at Ubisoft in this trailer for the new Splinter Cell game, Blacklist, telling of his origins with the series.

Ironside, the long-time voice of hero Sam Fisher, is actually no longer Sam Fisher! That role is being played by Eric Johnson, Ubisoft politely explaining that because their tech now captures acting acting, it would no longer do to have the ageing Ironside in a mo-cap suit since he, well, isn't exactly the same build as Fisher.

Blacklist was announced yesterday, and is due for release next year. You can catch its debut trailer here.


    Sorry but to me a Splinter Cell without Michael Ironside is no Splinter Cell at all.

    i agree be like someone else doing the voice of solid snake other then david hayter

      Its a big call to make such a drastic change to such a well known character but I'm gonna hang out and see what they can do with it.
      They would definitely be aware of just how big a deal for the fans this will be...right?

      Yeah almost like having a Metal Gear game and getting you to play as some blond pretty boy instead!

    They knew people would be pissed, that's why they made this video and Why Michael is in it. If the payoff is good then I don't think it will be too bad. It's a shame though, his voice is very distinctive.

    Would've made more sense to keep Ironside as the voice and just have someone younger/fitter do the mo-cap.

      While I also wish that they had kept ironside, they did a similar thing in Assassin's Creed Revelations and it looked like utter shit. It rarely works when you use someone else's mocap to another person's voice.

        Unless it's Darth Vader... with James Earl Jones for the voice.

    I loved the brutality and humanity of Sam. It'll be a shame that it's not voiced by Ironside as I suspect it won't really gel with me that that is Sam fisher. They should've made this guy a new character and had Ironside narrarating.

    So why not just capture his voice? You could still have that actor provide the mo-cap. Without Michael Ironside it simply isn't Fisher. Might as well call it something else - it barely resembles SC as it is.

    I knew something was different! Wasn't sure if it was because he had no beard or what, it was the voice lol. Pretty dissapointed, hope it doesn't take away from the game too much.

    Ironside's voices has so many nuances and idiosyncrasies that I associate with Sam Fisher. Just listen to how he says "shallow". I guess Ubisoft did the right thing by explaining why he won't be the voice actor but he will be a very, very tough act to follow.

    Still gonna buy it.

      Day One for me - I loved Conviction, am loving 3D on the 3DS and this looks fantastic and I finally get to try out Spies vs Mercs!

        you loved conviction? what is wrong with you?

          Some people don't suffer from popular internet cynicism.

    Absolutely torn about the Ironside thing, but my gosh was that gameplay walkthrough solid. Maybe they'll do a dub in the near future?

    wasn't sam fisher like 50 or 60 in the first game? why do they keep on making him younger with each game??

    Would rather suffer a slightly dissonent Ironside voiced Fisher than whatever the alternative is.

    Something tells me Mr.Young-Face isn't nearly as expensive as Ironside.

    Jesus... ever heard of ADR, Ubisoft? Movies and TV shows have been doing this since forever. Claiming you need voice to be done at the same time as the mocap is bullshit. What's more, this new ponce they got to voice Fischer sounds NOTHING like Ironside, not even remotely similar. It wouldn't have been so bad if it actually sounded like Fischer, but this is just pathetic. I thought it was a completely different character this time.

    Anyway, it looks to play like Conviction, which played like greased shit. No big loss

      They've heard of ADR, and they've also heard another thing: writing one check instead of two.

    Very bad idea Ubisoft. Ironside help make Fisher iconic. Take away the voice and you take away a lot of what makes Sam Fisher, Sam Fisher and ultimately Splinter Cell itself. Seriously, they're better off getting a new protagonist altogether. Besides, Fisher is supposed to be in his mid 60's, it wouldn't have hurt to let his character take a backseat.

    I'm not one to let a change in voice actor affect my gaming habits but for some reason this one rubs me the wrong way. I'm actually feeling hesitant about buying this game now.

    This is utter bullcrap. Even with Ironside in the video, it's still crap.

    Sam Fischer = Michael Ironside. A new guy under Sam Fischer's watch I can live with. But changing Sam... bah. Also the new guy even says he has a freaking stunt double for the real action moves. So what exactly is it that Ironside couldn't do? Hold someone down and interrogate? Punch someone in the face? My dad's 72 y/o and he can still do those things.

    Also isn't the part of being an Actor that you can Act like you are having a hard time, panting and stuff? Huge mistake Ubisoft. But than again moving Sam out of the Shadow into dayligt since Double Agent made this franchise a bust long before this

    Thats a dumbass explanation. James Earl Jones did the voive of darth vader n it was someone else playing the role. Screw you ubisoft, Ive been with u from the very 1st SC but, I might bail out on this one.

    This is an absolute deal-breaker for me. Whenever an iconic character's actor is replaced (be it a television show, movie or game) it is so obvious that you can't take your mind of it, thus ruining the experience. No deal.

    Ill just play with the sound off or just not at all, stop changing games, they are fine just the way they were, and redo this whole game also while your at it and use Ironside instead

    What they should have done was improve stealth moves: Dragging a body different ways to prevent having to completely put a body down when being almost being discovered.

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