Microsoft Doesn't Want You To Read That 'Leaked' Xbox 720 Document

Last weekend, a 56-page document that may or may not have been a real 2012 Microsoft plan for their next-gen Xbox. Hoax? Real?

It appeared on the document-hosting service Scribd, which was served with a takedown notice that same day by a law firm that has done work for Microsoft.

Today brings reports via The Verge that other outlets, including a Czech tech site and cloud-based file-sharing service DropBox, have removed the document have been served takedown notices by Microsoft. The notices claim the document is copyrighted by Microsoft.

We've checked with Microsoft to confirm that they did this and explain why, because it certainly will fuel speculation that the document was real.

The lengthy plan for the so-called Xbox 720 was supposedly authored in 2010 but forecast services such as the newly-announced SmartGlass, outlined the potential for a new Xbox and Kinect, augmented-reality glasses called Fortaleza and even forecasted the introduction of cloud gaming to the Xbox in the year 2015. We have much more about the contents of the document in our weekend report.

Some key elements, including Blu-Ray support and an estimated six-fold increase in horsepower for the new console over the 360 square with what we've previously reported based on conversations with people familiar with Microsoft's next-gen plans.

Our best sources who are familiar with the goings on in the gaming industry say that the document does not include all of the important parts of Microsoft's strategy for its next console, which is codenamed Durango. So even if this document is real, it's out of date.

Microsoft sends takedown notice to sites hosting Xbox 720 doc, including Dropbox [The Verge]


    at least they are going blu ray

    I have a strange feeling that since the displayed game is Halo: Reach and not Halo 4, this document is not real. Surely a plan by Microsoft, not for consumer eyes, would display the newest prodcut of their flagship series, Halo 4.

    But hey, that's just me, I hope this is true and the new Kinect is as it says

      Most people feel the doc was made two years ago.

      Most people feel the doc was made two years ago.

      Not really. You'd just want something relevant.

      To most a picture from the Halo series is more than enough.

    I'd question how Microsoft could make a copyright claim on something they didn't author. Take from that what you will.

      takedown notice isn't necessarily copyright. They are protecting the Xbox brand, a copyrighted name. Microsoft cannot allow sites to be throwing up claims on their brand that could discourage consumers.
      As ridiculous as it sounds, Blu-Ray drives and across device sync may be discouraging to some, and if it turns out to be false could result in loss of sales.

      Much in the same way that Universal took down Megaupload's Promo video. ( Back before it got killed)

      Plus i'm sure the Microsoft Branding throughout could be seen as illegally used.

    I read the whole document. Doesn't really say much. I reckon it's just Microsoft protecting their IP as the Xbox720 hasn't even been announced yet. Whether the document is real or fake, it's incredibly out-of-date.

      Absolutely. I mean look at it - it was written back in a time when they thought people actually cared about Kinect and other such forms of motion control. How quaint.

    Six times the horsepower....I bet we're going to see 1.5x the graphical improvement and the rest will go to waste. Most devs (and publishers mores) won't invest their time (or money) in new ways to improve lighting, sound, texture mapping etc...the sheeple want MOAR POLYGONS so that's what we'll get. :(

      The rest will be used to power new ads in the dashboard

        Hahaha! Ah that's classic!

    what would be truly good was a next gen xbox that was using nvidea graphics instead of fucking amd in case you don't know all the next gen consoles will be using amd graphics including sony (sony have nvidea before or something else not sure) sony most likely changed due to one of the major problems that deterred people from buying the ps3 the fact that most games that are on all the consoles especially new games are plagued with lag, bug, connection problems and various other problems because of the ps3 being so hard to develop, port and all around work on.
    So basically in shorter words the ps3 may be money friendly at times but it most certainly is NOT developer friendly which is why the Xbox 360 became so much more popular with developers and for other reasons with the actual gamers.

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