Microsoft Not Attending Tokyo Game Show Or Gamescom

Microsoft announced today that it will not be appearing at either Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show. Instead, it will rely on its partners and, in Japan's case, its own events.

In an interview with Famitsu, Microsoft stated that it was not abandoning Japan and is planning end-of-year promotions.

Microsoft did say it recognises Tokyo Game Show's importance, but it's hard to say that the prescence of Microsoft, a company that's always struggled in Japan, will be missed. However, its presence at Gamescom will definitely go noticed. Ditto for Nintendo, who is also sitting out this year's Gamescom.

マイクロソフトがGamescom 2012およびTGS 2012への出展を見送り [Famitsu]

Photo: Kotaku Japan


    Gamescom is very close, timing wise, to one of the PAX's... like within a few days.
    So, that could be why they're bailing.

      They're Microsoft... it's not like they're not big enough to attend 2 events if they wanted to.

      I do find it surprising that MS and Nintendo are willing to essentially give Sony a free kick at Gamescom, though. That's if Sony are going, which I assume they are since the article didn't say either way.

    Can't say I am truly suprised.. they have partners for a reason.. so they can concentrate on other things.

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