Microsoft: 'You Do Not Want' An Xbox Smash Bros. Clone

Sony PlayStation will soon have a Smash Bros. clone, a game called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that lets its most famous characters beat each other up. Why? Because it was a great idea when Nintendo first let Mario, Link, Samus and the rest of its best heroes beat each other up.

Surely, Microsoft should join the fray and make their own?

No way, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios told me during an interview at E3.

But first, he played along and tried to brainstorm a roster with me.

"I'd go back to Voodoo Vince," he said. "Voodoo Vince was my favourite. We could have Joannna Dark fighting..."

"...Blinx The Time Sweeper? With the vacuum?" I suggested.

Spencer laughed.

"Crackdown guy?" I offered.

"You could pick some of the Tao Feng fighters and put them together?" (Or, as the website Digital Battle imagines — and as you can see atop this post — all of the fighters could be Halo's Master Chief.)

Was this a confirmation that it was in development? No. The opposite. "You do not want that game," Spencer said. "Have you played the [PlayStation] All-Stars?"

Yes, I said. Even though I was initially cynical about the game, I couldn't help but enjoy it when I recently started playing a pre-release version of it. Once you're having Kratos battling Fat Princess, you realise it's fun.

"I'm not going to take a shot at Sony first-party [game development]," Spencer said, "I think they do some great games. We're going to try to build games that actually create new opportunity on our platform. I don't really need to go and fill genres with the teams that we have. I don't compete with games that are already on my platform. Sure, all games on some level compete for a dollar bill, but for us it's really going to be to try to innovate. I haven't played the game, so I'm not saying it's not innovative, but..."

I finished his sentence. "We're not going to get an Xbox mascot fighter?"

"Sorry," he replied.

We'll have a lot more from our interviews with top people at Xbox, Sony and Nintendo in the days to come.

Top image via It's a parody, of course.


    Create a new opportunity hence why Halo 4 is our big draw card.

    Personally I don't think MS have a cast of characters that it would make sense for(though I haven't seen the sony list either)

    Though they could at least get conker to put in some fruity language

      Same. Primarily, 360 is a shooter console. You could have Master Chief who fight with guns, Marcus Fenix who fights with a chainsaw guns, Alan Wake who fights with flashlights and a gun..... Most of the huge mascot characters are shooter characters. They could make it work, but I don't think it'd do super well.

      Playstation All Stars is going to work because of Vita.

        They do have a few character drom their Rarre acquisition that appeal to fighting game(s):
        Banjo Kazooie
        Perfect Dark woman

        But well your right.. it's roster is lacking

          When I see Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Perfect Dark I think nintendo 64 not microsoft.
          Microsoft may own the rights to them now, but those characters dont represent the brand

            Yep, true. And they know it. They don't have enough decent exclusive mascots than I can count on one hand. Why? Probably because they're not original content makers.

          Banjo Kazooie should've been one for Nintendo, I mean he's one of those characters that took the N64 to incredible heights and he can have his moves pretty much lifted straight from the games. If there was ever a Microsoft mascot fight, it would be a FPS game really. GOW, Halo, and not much else...

        Just trademarking this idea here that I've thought for a while:

        Online shooter with the characters and mechanics from different franchises (eg: Gears of War TPS vs Halo FPS).

        Well... Dose Alan Wake even count now that he's on PC?

          Should Big Daddy count for the PS game seeing as hes multi?

            no, but...what can you do
            I sure hope they don't put Wander or Ico in, though

          Yeah sorta its on Microsoft Windows only... for now.

      Conker hasn't even been on this gen, and it was never an exclusive Xbox IP anyway

    Xbox and it's lead titles are all about Innovation! You heard it first here, folks!

    "We’re going to try to build games that actually create new opportunity on our platform" like Haol 4,Fable the journey,Gears of war:whatever and Fora Horizon.

    MS doesn't even have eight iconic characters. That's the real reason.

      To be fair, Sony has had to nick multi-platform characters to fill out their roster as well (but strangely don't seem to have Crash Bandicoot, who basically epitomises the PS1 era). Nintendo managed to make a good game out of the idea because they have a ton of in-house characters that are quite memorable (pretty much what they're known for). Both Sony and Microsoft are much more well known for their third-party support (although Sony have been working towards building up some strong in-house teams more recently), and as such, putting together a party brawler where the draw is supposed to be first-party characters just isn't going to work as well as Smash Bros does.

        Sony haven't had to use 3rd party characters, they've chosen to put a few in. Same as Nintendo had Snake and Sonic. Not because they needed them but because it was cool to have them.

          Nintendo did indeed include Snake and Sonic because it was cool to have them. The game they were included in also had a roster of ~35 first-party characters, and 12 first-party characters were available in the first game (which had no need to rely on second- or third-party characters to fill out the roster). Half of the announced roster for All-Stars are either third-party (but exclusive) characters, or multi-platform characters that don't have major ties to Sony.

      -Master Chief (Halo)
      -Frank West (Dead Rising)
      -Altair (Assassin's Creed)
      -Ryu Hiyabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
      -Ethan Thomas (Condemned)
      -Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
      -Brutas (Brute Force)
      -Conker (Conker)
      -Sam Stone (Serious Sam)
      -Malcom (Unreal championship)
      Actually, the more I list off, the more fun it sounds...

        almost all of those are not Microsoft exclusive characters...

          +1 I count 2 on that list.... and they're both basically the same character

        I have an xbox and I havnt heard of half that list.
        Frank, Ethan, Malcom? They aren't lovable and recognizable characters like Mario and Sonic

    Only would you require a fairly sizeable roster of characters, but your game would need to be differentiating from SSB in a good way. I guess this guy realises that's going to hard to do. All Stars looks extremely shallow due to how its combat works, which may or may not change I guess. Given how you can only score points through the "big instant KO hits", it's essentially like trying to play SSBB with only Smash Ball attacks counting. What's the point? The allure of SSB is the whole ring out system and getting more vulnerable as you take more dmg. I'd rather play SSB original than All Stars honestly.

    Jump Superstars was an exceptional example (and sadly still the only example to my knowledge of the genre) of differentiating from with the whole manga panels mechanic. Smashing the crap out of each other but those attacks not really doing anything is a little self defeating.

      Blah, left out a "not" at the beginning of the post >_<

      -Master Chief (Halo) - who cares halo is gay
      -Frank West (Dead Rising) - again who cares
      -Altair (Assassin’s Creed) - has had more sony exclusive time so that rules him out
      -Ryu Hiyabusa (Ninja Gaiden) - character came from NES so rules him out
      -Ethan Thomas (Condemned) - Condemned was released for PC than Xbox so you cant have him
      -Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) - Take him we dont want him
      -Brutas (Brute Force) - Fighting force started on playstation
      -Conker (Conker) - nintendo 64 character
      -Sam Stone (Serious Sam) - Serious sam, has an always will be a PC character
      -Malcom (Unreal championship) - er no again PC character since unreal tournament I
      Actually, the more I list off, the more fun it sounds… - not really none of these characters could hack it.

    All this Smash Bros talk makes me want to dig the Wii out again.

    You know who I'd like to see in the Sony Smash Bros? Cloud. He's more Sony than Big Daddy and would make a huge amount of historical sense. Plus I'm sure he would help sell a fair few copies of the game.

      That would be sweet. Im hoping that Spyro or maybe even Rayman are playable characters too aswell as Crash Bandicoot (im hoping its a secret they haven't revealed yet, Crash was to the PS1 what Mario and Sonic was to their own gaming consoles) and Jax And Daxter.

    A game where multiple players could all compete as Master Chief would be really fun. But instead of a brawler it should be a shooter. And make it first person perspective like the Halo games. Sounds fun.

      hahahaa yeah that sounds like a top game.

      Sounds like Halo.

    I always thought Small Arms was an attempt at this kind of game, nonetheless I saw the PS3 demo of their All-Stars game and it looked awful what with the small characters and outlines around everything, very ordinary.

    Um microsoft could come up with a roster easily, considering they have been involved in game development for both xbox and pc for ages.

    I dont think microsoft should be afraid to look like theyre stealing from SSB.

    Fuck you, Microsoft. Joanna Dark will forever remain a Ninty girl in my heart.

    Microsoft has no exclusive characters???WTF ? How about clippy ? The fabled BSOD? Or c prompt?

    Good. Last thing we need is an unoriginal Microsoft rip-off of SSB. Sony's rip-off looks bad enough.

    Don't tell what I want and don't want. SSB has such an impact on me... i'd happily want a Microsof tone.

    There is however only limited potential. If you take away the guns of all the main/side characters of every major IP that exists on the xbox (or the microsoft franchising in general) and you are left with a tiny list. You could grab a handful of extras from non-exclusive titles but then you would be left wondering why microsoft made the game when you could port it to every other console and not step on any copyright red tape. Most of the microsoft characters are simply uninteresting if they are removed from their own worlds. Take as an example "If I was Link" or "If I was Bulbasaur" both have far more variety than "If I was Master Chief" or "If I was Marcus Fenix" which are merely "I am a generic gravelly voiced guy with a big gun shooting generic bad guys"

    I think a Microsoft mash up(I think that should be the title) would be epic but I don't believe it should be anything like playstaions all stars are nintendos smash bros. It should be like a normal first person shooter with a bunch of characters that are xbox and pc exclusive. I don't think conkers or Jonnah dark should be in it. Xbox has alot of decent shooters that people don't think about like Alicia( from Bullet wich) or Brutus(from Brute force).

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