Modern Video Game Heroes As Traditional Japanese Paintings

Those with a fancy for traditional Japanese art and popular video game heroes, this gallery is just. For. You.

Artist Jed Henry has been doing this series - called Ukiyo Heroes - for a while now, but he's finally got enough of them together to run them as a collection.

The name derives from Ukiyo-e, the Japanese term for a type of woodblock prints that were so popular from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Only, instead of featuring landscapes, Henry's pieces feature people like Mega Man and Mario.

He's promised to do more of them all through the summer, so bookmark the link below if you like what you see.

Jed Henry [Tumblr]


    wat the hell is that last one supposed to be? smash brothers? if it is.. then that's a freaky looking kirby!

    the whole collection's awesome though!

      I think you've got it right that it is Kirby, but I think it is more specifically a Kirby game rather than Smash Bros. What tips me off is the black eye thing behind Kirby, which has appeared in a few different forms in different Kirby games, but has never appeared in Smash Bros.

    Ha Ha. Mario Kart with rickshaws sounds like a great idea.

    mario kart one looks awesome

    ...I swear Plunkett already posted this story a couple of weeks ago

      He did, but I think it's been removed. It was a while ago, just before I took my break from Kotaku

    he should do one for okami. herk.

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