Money-Grubbing New Super Mario Bros. 2 Is Looking Better And... Distinct

There are so many of these New Super Mario Bros. games. Two out already on DS and Wii. Two more coming this year, for 3DS and Wii U. They all look more similar than, say, Super Mario Bros. 1 and Super Mario Bros. 3 did, but a new trailer for August 19's New Super Mario Bros. 2 brings new hope that this one, at least, is going to have a visual identity of its own.

Enjoy the new trailer and all of its gold stuff.

Question for the readers: if this game is all about grabbing the most gold coins, shouldn't it be New Super Wario Bros. 2? Shouldn't Wario be the star?


    I thought New Super Mario Bros 2 already came out on the Wii?

    Let's be honest here, who the frak plays for coins anyway? You can't collect all of them like in a collectathon game, they just give you extra lives, and after Mario 3D Land I wouldn't expect to really need them either. And, Rayman Origins and Super Meat Boy already proved how dated and pointless the lives system is.

    This game is the mario equivalent of a yearly CoD game.

      Comparing Mario to COD, that's a bit harsh.

        Popular, but completely rehashed each iteration? "More of the same, superficial differences"?

        Harsh, but accurate.

          New Super Mario Bros is the most guilty franchise. Same each year, and they're also incredibly similar to the older ones, there's not much original here and what is "new" is generally just stuff that was cut being brought back in, like the tanooki or racoon suits. Next there'll be a giant song and dance because a new mario games lets you ride around in a boot.

            How is NEW SMB the most guilty!? It has NEW at the start of its name?! Thats gotta count for something right?!

            Your argument is invalid my dimwitted friend, the last time a New SUPER MARIO BROS. game was released was three years ago, prior to that the Wii's predecessor (on the DS) came three years earlier as well. Might I add that the 2.5D side-scrolling Mario games are always received well and are critically acclaimed by critics and gamer's alike.
            Without a new Mario game where would other devs steal all there Ideas from ? (Just Kidding)

    I wonder what happens for the first person to hit a million coins? Maybe Iwata takes you up in a glass elevator and gives you Nintendo - all of it.

    bloody hell nintendo do sumthing new, sad

    Wait, so their marketing strategy is coins?

    That's like marketing a Call of Duty game with bullets.

    Who does the voice-over for these videos? I thought it was a parody re-dub. The suy sounds a little... sarcastic.

    That coin pickup sound is going to get very annoying very fast. I look forward to the first person to collect one million coins being put in an insane asylum.

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