My Little Pony E3 Would Have Been A Fine E3 Indeed

You know what was missing from E3 2012? The same thing that's been missing from E3 for the past couple of years: My Little Pony. YouTuber LeFrenchBrony envisions an E3 where Reggie Fils-Amie took the stage at Nintendo's E3 presser and was met by the deafening sound of thousands of stomping hooves.

While the Friendship is Magic series has failed to generate a big budget title from a major publisher, it has indie bronies far and wide galloping to their computers to create unique titles based on these beloved characters. There's a kart racer, a Phoenix Wright homage, a couple of role-playing games, and even a one-on-one fighting game complete with voice acting and more polish than many retail products.

There's a real passion for ponies among this lot, but more importantly, these titles serve to demonstrate that the gaming community has gotten to a point where if you make us wait too long, we'll just make the damn games ourselves. Brohoof!

Games represented: PonyKart Legends of Equestria Fighting is Magic My Little Investigations Equestria Tales - Elements of Chaos

What if My Little Pony was at the E3 2012? [YouTube — Thanks James!]


    The second highest Kickstarter project is My Little Pony related.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I'll be sure to let the 7 year old girl that watches the show know you think she's disgusting.

      And nothing of value was lost.

      LoL, I'm sure Kotaku are very concerned. If you dislike it so much it's pretty confusing why you clicked on this article.

      Crab, I'd like to help you out... Which way did you come in?

    I'm getting sick of seeing anything related to this Pony crap, as if male gamers just all turned gay, good job >_>

      I'm pretty sure the constant teabagging would have given that impression already.

      Cause they can't like colourful things unless they're gay eh? Nice assumptions there.

    In related news, I cannot wait for Pony Cart to release.

    I'm not going to swear, or make silly allusions to homosexuality which the pony crew will no doubt violently defend. But please, just go away for a bit ponies.

    Grow up!

    I'm a brony but that was just gay and stupid.

    Hur hurr ponies in my other things is fun and funny hurrr

    Doesn't anyone else find it odd that the people who dislike My Little Pony usually generate more talk about the subject then the people who like it?

    Just an interesting observation I made.

    I enjoyed this version of E3 more than the livestream of the actual E3.

    Mike Fahey needs to be fired.

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