New Diablo III Log In Woes For Australians [Update]

It appears as though Australians are having difficulties logging onto Diablo III, as a result of an login loop that appears to be constantly informing players that an update is required.

When players start the Diablo III, they are kicked to the launcher, which informs them an update is required, but then the launcher says the game is up-to-date. This is despite the fact that Battlenet states that servers are live and available for play.

Apparently it's a result of the Asian servers being down, hence players can't install the patch properly — so apparently it's a regional issue. Updates are region locked, and those in our region haven't had the update properly updated, which means that no matter what server you play on, you'll still have similar issues. This can be frustrating for players who spend the time downloading a patch only to be asked to download it again in a loop.

We've contacted Blizzard locally for an update. More info as we get it.

Thanks Stuart

UPDATE: Looks as though a fix for the Diablo III log-in issue can be found here on the forums. Thanks Daniel!

UPDATE 2: Apologies — I got the details wrong on the size of the patch. Apparently the patch is relatively small — 1.02 is 60MB and 1.02a is 5MG. Again, sorry for the confusion.


    Hang on, what? 18gb??

      Yeah what the heck is in it that patch? Not game data, that is for sure.

      That's my mistake. Someone must have downloaded the patch twice because of the loop. I think the patch is 9gb

        Yeah 9 gig is still a huge patch for a game that basically exists as a dumb terminal. Is it adding a lot of visual/audio content? In which case why wasn't that ready for release?

          9 GB patch is bigger than the initial download when you're installing. weird.

        9gg?..for a patch?....I have a 14gb cap....I used to have a 6gb cap

        thank god I stayed away

    Grab yourself the new Humble Bundle 5 and play some great indie games (note plural) for <$10 while your $60+ game DOESN'T FUCKING WORK!

      <$10?? You cheapskate. :P

      $25 people, that's the absolute lowest that bundle is worth. Seriously, programmers have to eat too!

        I paid $9, but I had already purchased most of them so they were already eating from me!

    9gig patch still! WTF. I was hoping to play using my 3g card, thats over $150 worth of credit..

    I'm really regretting having purchased this at launch rather than waiting. I've kinda enjoyed the hour or two that I've managed to play of single-player, although the 250ms lag playing alone was kinda odd. I'm not inclined to get right into it at the points when it is working in case the game is yanked away once I'm in the swing of it. Should have waited a few months *kicks self*.

    Sideways discussion: I know a lot of people want to rag on Sony for considering - then dumping - the idea of a download/cloud only console. That's fine.

    On the other hand, here's a 9GB *patch* for a game.

    How the hell does that make it through QA? Even TF2 with it's 1.5Gb patches is a nightmare in Australia. 9 GB to patch the damn thing? That's more content than was on the install disc.

      I'm pretty sure its not really a patch, sometimes the blizzard downloader decides it would be better for everyone if it just downloaded the entire game again aswell as the patch.

      It has happened to me once before in WoW it was like hmm 4mb update, better download 24gb.

      Blizzard have been getting patching tips from Apple. Every new version of the software requires the whole thing be redownloaded.

        We changed 1 file in iTunes to make it boost 1% faster. 120MB download, please. BTW, I'm also going to prompt you to download QuickTime, Safari, and Bonjour. Every Single Time.

    First go working fine, how long was this an issue an hour? Was that really worth reporting?

    9bg!!??? That has to be a mistake. Is this a new patch? Because the one that i installed a few days ago was just over 3mb...

    Hey c'mon guys! Cut Blizz Some Slack.

    The above statement can die along with Deckerd Cain.

    OK, so I was having this issue before as well because the installer that came on my DVD set the region for updates to asia (singapore server I believe) and I play on the American server.
    If you head to C:\ProgramData\\Agent\ and open the agent.db file and you will see near the top something similar to this "patch_url" : "". Now if you play on the US servers then just find and replace the SG in "" with US and it will all work perfectly. The patch is not 9gig its like 4mb.
    Basically, if the region you play in gets patched before the region your updater looks for patches on is updated the whole system just shits itself and fails to work. If you play asia then enSG is for you afaik, europe is enGB and US is of course enUS. (I assume the en just denotes english as the language)
    This should work for everyone but just make a backup copy of the agent.db before you do it just incase, that or just wait for all servers to be patched and then play.

      oh and kill the agent.exe process if its still running. Its blizzards updater

        Eh. I just deleted the whole Agent folder and it worked fine after that.

    BLERRGHH WAY TO GO. First issue I've had and on my day off too! fml.

    I had no issues downloading the patch which took all of 10 seconds on adsl. I didn't check the size but it definitely wasn't 9 gig. I purchased the digital copy, a mate bought it in store and various menu options are different.

      There is no patch for me to download. Says it's upto date. D:

    It is a known issue, Humrah, and affecting a lot of folks. Don't cut Blizzard any slack. They screwed up yet again.

      T-Boy. You obviously didn't read my whole post. I'll give you another try.

        My self worth is hardly tied to interpreting your post, Humrah. But thanks SO much for the second chance...

          No worries Mate. Don't beat yourself up over it. ;)

    Reinstalling the whole package is about 9Gb. Is the patch really that big?

      For all those having the loop problem try the change in this thread here: or this:

      The patch itself is only like 2-3 meg so it shouldn't require any big downloads if it wants to download gigs of stuff then its messed up.

      Why blizzard seems to have so many problems with patching i have no idea, its not good enough to keep having these issues across their games (similar problems have occured with wow and sc2 before).

    Australia isn't the only one. AU by default belongs to the Americas server but weren't given the US client by default. All they would have to do to fix it is to download the English(US) client which would only download the files that differ between the two versions.

    I live in Canada and when I preloaded the game they stuck me with the European client. That's how I fixed it.

    Not sure why they're having to download anything.

    Just checked, I boot into the game fine(no patch), hit the login screen, log in, then it boots me out to update, gets confused with itself, and closes.

    No downloads there.

    Still a massive balls up though.

    Follow this everyone.

      Yes, everyone check the forums. Solution's there.

    Ya Blew it.

    We shouldn't have to do this but to get on you must edit your Agent.db file within C:/programdata/ for the patch to apply. I play on enUS servers and I still needed to edit this file. Ctrl+F and insure that all the lines reading "" begin with enUS, there were 3 lines in mine and one of them began with enGB, changed it and the patch is now applied. Hope this helps.

    Screw this (again). Back to Path of Exile

    My agent.db already has all the entries beginning with enUS, and I still get the patching error. Well, I hope it'll clear up by itself by the time I finish work.

    Confirmed fix (mate at work just ran through the sequence and all is good)
    - kick over D3, change ingame language to French
    - restart D3
    - in the launcher: Options > Reset Game preferences (this will switch it back to english and also kill the file that is causing the issue) and restart
    - game updates if needed then play > kill > loot

    9gb?! What the hell are people downloading? The actual patch is like 6mb.

    Aren't Australian players using an en-US release as well, i.e. US servers not Asia?

      I had some issues last night with getting stuck in an update loop.
      - taskmgr to kill the launcher and Agent.exe
      - Deleted ProgramData\ folder
      - Re-ran launcher, it re-updated the tools, downloaded & applied the patch and everything worked

    I bought the USA version online directly via blizzard (which saved $$), and play on the USA server mostly.
    The patch was NOT 9Gb as far as it applied to me... It can't say what size but it downloaded in under 5mins.
    I can play on the USA servers fine with 1.02 patch. But am getting the "loop bug" with the Asian servers which is a pity as I have a toon there.

    Glad I created a US account to get this $20 cheaper than the Australian price, hopefully I wont have this issue. I'm only playing single player so far, but the lag is infuriating . For any Blizzard apologists still defending them for not having Australian servers , keep in mind that no one forced Blizzard to design a single player game where server performance and ping time matters, they were the ones who designed their systems so character and auction house data was tied to the same region as gameplay servers and they are attempting to charge Australians $20 than their US customers. Also from Sydney I get a 17ms ping on the free to play Tribes Ascend.

    Looks like it's all working. Started the launcher, it updated normally.

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