New Halo 4 Footage Features Disintegration Rays And Cortana Going A Bit Crazy

The new footage from Halo 4 shows us both the sweeping theatrical introduction as well as the first-person gameplay action.

Master Chief is heading towards a downed UNSC ship. On the way there, he shows off his new weapons and tech.

Halo 4 is being developed by 343 Studios and is due out on November 6.


    E3 needed MOAR Halo reveals

    Why isn't it November 6th yet?

    Wait - I thought that the humies were at peace with the elites?

      This group of Covenant are like, the stragglers who still believe in the cause of the "Great Journey" etc etc.

      They're the equivalent of those WWII Japanese hold-outs who were separated from chain of command on Pacific Islands and when found decades later, still think they're at war with the allies.

    Master Chief can sprint? Interesting... Not buy-an-xbox worthy though.

    They got rid of non-regenerating health again! Now that's just BS.

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