New Humble Bundle Has All The Great Games You Should Have Already Played

New Humble Bundle Has All The Great Games You Should Have Already Played

Even by Humble Bundle standards, the Humble Bundle V contains some fantastic games. They’re all so great, in fact, that I’d be surprised if you haven’t played pretty much all of them already.

Pay whatever you want for the terrifying and amazing Amnesia: Dark Descent, the hilarious and wildly creative Psychonauts, the dark and clever Limbo, and the lovely and incredibly soundtracked Sworcery, with freakin’ Bastion thrown in as a bonus if you beat the average bid.

If you don’t own even two of those games, this is a bargain… this is like, a great games all-star jam or something. The trailer above does a pretty good job of summing it up.

Perhaps best of all, all of the games come with their soundtracks, each of which is fantastic and two of which made last year’s Best Game Music of 2011.

You probably have these games. Heck, you may play them regularly. But on the off chance that you don’t, here’s your chance to go catch ’em all.

The Humble Indie Bundle V [Official Page]


  • Such a great deal. I already owned three of these, but still kicked in some dosh for a worthy cause.

  • that is such a good pack. shame I’ve already got all of em, otherwise i’d be throwing money at this instead of typing right now.

  • Do you get Steam Keys to gift if you already have these games? Seriously thinking about grabbing it if you do.

    • No probably not, you usually only get 1 steam key for the whole bundle, so you can’t split the games up and give away the ones you don’t have. I own all of these games (3 of them twice on different platforms) and I bought it just for the charity aspect and because I support what they’re doing.

      Even if you have 4 out of the 5 games, pay what you want for 1 game is still an amazing deal.

      • its on a game-by-game basis. so you should get a steam key for each individual one that you can either keep, or send you your mates.

        well… at least thats how it worked for the last HIB i got.

        • Not this one unfortunately. You get one code for Limbo, Amnesia, Superbrothers and Psychonauts, and a separate code for Bastion.

          • You are right. Just bought it anyway. Can’t give away the key for Psychonauts, but I can for Bastion. Don’t forget you get the soundtracks as well!

  • Done and done.
    So many games I have been meaning to get around to playing.
    This is an awesome bundle.

  • I sort of have Psychonauts, in that I bought a PC copy for my sister when I happened to see it on the shelf at Dungeon Crawl a few years ago. And I have Limbo on the 360’s XBLA triple pack. Both are unplayed though 😛

    Pretty good lineup, will grab as always with the “main” bundles.

  • Done. Own three already but a good cause always helps! I can play these during Diablo III’s frequent down times.

  • I assume all the games are cross-platform as in previous bundles.. which means they all have Linux versions. I’d be very interested in seeing how Bastion runs under Linux.

    • Yep, they all have Linux versions. Haven’t tested it out yet, as I’m currently downloading some, but I have played previous Humble Bundles on my Linux system. They generally work quite well, although Super Meat Boy is a bit buggy.

    • Well they did do $1,000,000 in sales in 5 hrs so there may be a bit of a backlog on the mail server

      I feel a little cheap with what I paid, but since it was only the bastion soundtrack I was after I guess I shouldn’t.

  • Awesome package.

    The great incentive to pay above the average is a brilliant idea, because it will drive the average up as time goes on! (So, if you want the best deal, you get in early – though it’s a wicked deal regardless)

  • Ummm, only a couple of these games were independantly developed.

    Great release, but they need to get their facts right.

  • Sigh, I just bought Limbo on Steam *last night* because it was on special, and then I see the email about this in my inbox this morning.

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