New Mass Effect 3 DLC Could Revolve Around Rogue Reaper [Spoilers]

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD. Mass Effect 3 could get a new piece of downloadable content revolving around a Reaper named Leviathan, according to files extracted by a BioWare forum poster yesterday.

According to the files, which were extracted from yesterday's "Extended Cut" DLC and dumped on Pastebin, you'll have to rescue a scientist from a colony that is under the control of a Reaper named Leviathan. Leviathan has apparently broken free from the rest of the Reapers to do his own thing.

One purported line reads: "So a Reaper goes rogue and kills one of its own. That's what we're looking at here, right?"

Another: "If Leviathan is a defector — a Reaper that broke away from the others — then it is also a traitor."

I contacted BioWare for comment this morning and received this statement: "We don't comment on rumours or speculation. There will be news about more DLC coming soon…"

Leviathan (of Dis?) DLC - Leaked dialogue in EC files [BioWare via Eurogamer]


    It would be too little, WAY too late for me. I'm done with ME, I'm done with Bioware, and I'm done with EA.

    Umm.. that's a massive spoiler in the article title...


    This actually looks legitimate, if it's a hoax then someone went to ridiculous lengths to insert fake test in the right places. But the format matches previous leaks exactly

    This actually looks legitimate, if it's a hoax then someone went to ridiculous lengths to insert fake test in the right places. But the format matches previous leaks exactly, and given what was in the Extended Cut the content is actually looking genuine (in the sense of Reaper creators being giant squid).

    Il buy it like all dlc for mass effect 3. Just so i can see more sheperd.

    I deliberately stopped playing ME3 so I could play it with ALL the DLC. Glad I did. I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

    No one finds the idea of a 'rogue' reaper kinda dumb? Arent they just constructs acting out the will of the AI Starchild >.>

      This looks lame and breaks canon. I agree with you... just milking for more money.


        I think the twist is that Leviathan isn't actually a Reaper - it's a member of the species that they were based on, some kind of telepathic space squid.

        At least, if I'm reading the leak properly.

          So its a Chaotic-Good Cthulu?

          ... Still kinda dumb.

          If a species is determined to be suitable to be turned into a Reaper, they get turned into one. They can't be a half in half out thing.

          Reaper, or not. Telepathic space squid? Dem star thingies won't be happy about this.

      ironically, if they didn't introduce the stupid ass star-child that doesn't make sen, a rogue reaper is perfectly fine.


        my fingers are too fast for my keyboard :/

      Exactly what I was looking for. Either it has gone rogue and breaks the canon they themselves set up in the last 5 minutes of the game. Or it is still under the control of the star child and just has some important side mission.

      Either way sounds kind of dumb indeed.

        They aren't all shells controlled by a single AI. Remember that Harbinger has a different personality (if you can call it that) to sovereign. All the reapers simply follow the will of the catalyst, not direct control from it.

    Destroy is Justice!!!!

    as much as i disliked the ending, the lack of SP DLC until now has kinda killed the mood. i know they focused on MP but not everyone plays that. i see it as a lack of balance, they really were disorganised with ME3 especially after the ending fiasco. going to be harder to keep this game fresh now compared to previous games

    The stupidity of it is that in ME 1, it was established that Reapers were meant to be, you know, independent and fully capable of doing their own thing. If one fella didn't like the rest of them, I don't know what conflict resolution Reaper style is but it wouldn't be something like, oh my rogue Reaper killed a buddy, now it wants to help the squishies.

    I didn't know Reapers acted by committee in ME 3, must explain why it sucked as hard as it did.

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