New Xbox 360 Gears Of War Will Be Revealed Next Week

They won't call it Gears of War 4, and they don't call it Gears of War Karting, so what in the world is the name of the new Gears of War?

The people at Game Informer magazine know, but they're not saying until Microsoft announces the game at Monday's Xbox 360 E3 briefing.

The game will be featured on the cover of the next issue of Game Informer (August), but they're blacking a lot of it out online for now. Tim Turi of Game Informer apologises about not being able to reveal more: "We figure this news and a glimpse of the shrouded Gears of War cover are least some consolation, as the image raises some interesting questions: Who is in chains, and where?"

Top folks from Gears of War development studio Epic Games have already tweeted their enthusiasm about the new Gears, including the head of People Can Fly, the Epic-owned studio that — hmmm — hasn't released a new game since early 2011's wonderful but not-so-great-selling Bulletstorm.

GI promises tons of coverage of the game online this June. Start your guessing and note that they're saying this is for the Xbox 360, not the next console.

August Cover Revealed: The Next Gears Of War [Game Informer]


    Anyone else thinking that this might be a game done by PCF to be released early next year?

    Unfortunately, it looks to be set within the war with the locust (I'd have preferred a look at the war with the Indies), so it's probably going to feature a new character. That or the game will end with Marcus going off to save his dad and being put in chains.

      Yup, I agree. I'm guessing it's probably about E-Day.

        If we're lucky, we'll get to see the Hammer of Dawn in all of it's horrific glory.

        Agreed. I wouldnt be surprised if its not a new game and its a second season pass with 2 or 3 new single player missions akin to the one in the first season pass. Either way, i'll be getting it.

      I should read the comments before I post. Yeah, it'll be about Marcus and his dad.

    My guess is it's a prequel to the first game. That's Marcus in chains after he went AWOL and tried to rescue his dad.

    Yep its got to be about e day and him going to jail.

    And to epic games just shut up and take my money !

      *nods and hands over wallet to Epic*

    agreed definetely sounds like a prequel, might give the back story that led up to him being iomprisoned

    You're all probably on the right track, but for the sake of something different

    You're all crazy, that's clearly the youngest Carmichael being led by his family for their training, it's going to be a game centering around the Carmichael family and their consistent failings, specifically why they fail so much

    Kim got caught having sex with the locust queen, and the COG caught him. It was soo simple.

    Good news, I guess. A prequel sounds about right. Coul be interesting. I really enjoyed GoW3 I just hope that this game isnt as easy as GoW3 was. I mean 1 & 2 were quite challenging, but 3, I seemed to fly through it.

    I kind of wish this hadn't leaked today... couldn't Game informer have waited a few days?

    YES!!!! I love this series.
    Can't wait for the next installment.

    It will be a prequel

    It will be a prequel

    Its the Pendulum Wars. Thats when Marcus went AWOL to save his father, got court marshalled and went to prison.
    E-Day is emergence day. That story (and the ramifications of it) has already been told in the current trilogy.

    My guess... A PREQUEL TIE IN with the new Karen Traviss book that's coming out about Marcus' time in the pen! If you look close enough, that's a bandana on the dudes head. Slight outline etc...

    I freaking hope it is, I'd love to play through that time etc :)

    Make it more like the first multiplayer.
    Give us Hard Core and Regular multiplayer option.

    Too soon we just had 3, move it to next gen launch November 2013 and it will sell systems.

    i see a locust unit flying in the back with a raven chasing it most probably takes place during the wars, pre-e day with marcus father who discover before anyone else of the locust and takes him through eday with a different squad

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