Next-Gen Engine Shows What Future Final Fantasy Games Could Look Like

Using a Final Fantasy motif as a showcase, Square Enix has revealed at E3 its Luminous Engine, which it describes as being for "next generation quality games".

The next generation of consoles may not be at this show, but their graphics certainly are.


    Isn't Versus using this engine. Or a variant of ir at least?

    Final Fantasy won't look like this. FF games have and should always be stylised.

      Havent you heard they are in the business of not listening to their customers...

        Yeah, because their customers have unified opinions on EVERYTHING!

    If only square enix could still make good games :(

    What do they mean when they say it's running in real time?
    I someone controlling the movement... or is it running a movie, in which case... what makes it next gen?

      Running real time means that the footage you are seeing is being produced on the fly by the game engine. In other words what is being shown is the equivalent of an ingame cutscene rather than a pre-rendered one.

      What they haven't mentioned is that this is almost guaranteed to be running on a high-end PC. The next generation consoles are very unlikely to have the kind of tech required because it's much more expensive to create.

      Its a scripted event running in real time on the game engine.

      Real time means that rendering is done on the fly... that is to say that it is being rendered at a readable frame rate (24 frames per second or higher is needed for real time). Prerendered movies take hours, days or months to get a really good looking quality. The video was done in the time it takes to play/watch. What I don't get about this demo is why they didn't show a moving camera where you can control a player to further show the real time lighting though. Not only that but it looks heavily "prerendered". It just doesn't look like it's real time. Unless I see a moving camera I call bull crap.

        I don't have a link but have a look you YouTube. There is another video where they pause the video a few times and move the camera around and change things like hair and lighting

    Honestly, if this was the new Final Fantasy, I'd probably buy it. And it's been a good, long time since I thought I'd utter those words again.

      ^ This (Since FFX anyway)

    Make this into a game!!

    Pretty cool - I hope the next single player FF game is good.

    I feel like they lost their way with FF13 and FF14 - but have made a bit of a comeback with FF14 at least.

    Sometimes a failure is good - it holds them accountable for pushing out a half baked or poor release and still expecting a large cash influx from dedicated fans that will buy anything.

    But will it fix the gameplay? FF13 looks awesome... plays bad... need good gameplay before amazing graphics :\

      I feel exactly the same way, FF games have always looked awesome with what they had to work with but FF13 really put me off the Final Fantasy series. I tried hard to like it, then felt like I'd wasted so much time on something that would've worked much better as a non-interactive movie/series.

      That video above has insane graphics, but considering I'm still pretty damn content with what my current 360 puts out graphics wise I'm much more interested in good gameplay than graphics upgrades. I mean sure I wanna see new games with mad graphics come out, but better graphics are so much less of a draw than they were 10 years ago, stuff already looks pretty awesome on such bloody old hardware like the current 360.

      Gameay in 13 is actually really good.

      It's the story and characters that are lacking.

    Nice tech demo. If only they put as much effort into their games.

    To realistic for my liking. I hope FF doesn't look like this.


      Goodbye fantasy.

    Square-Enix is more then just FF these days. Think of what a new Deus Ex, Thief, Hitman or even Just Cause could be like with an engine capable of output like this.

    Hopefully by the time next-gen consoles are out half of Square-Enix blows up.
    The Square side, of course. Final Fantasy is one of the worst gaming series' out right now, but Dragon Quest is still pretty good... (Here's hoping that DQX doesn't screw everything up!)

    Judging by the credits at the end, the engine uses this:

    Impressive tech - I wonder what it's running on?

    This is basically the problem squeenix had making ff13. They started making it, got bored, decided what they REALLY needed was a new engine that they could pump out gamen's every other day

    This is basically the problem squeenix had making ff13. They started making it, got bored, decided what they REALLY needed was a new engine that they could pump out games every other day, procrastinated, then realised that their game was slipping towards the rear end of the console cycle. Speaking of which, where are all the games they promised to make with the white engine?

    But what hardware was it running on?It could have been a $5,000+ PC or even a workstation in which case it doesnt really represent whats possible on Next Gen consoles.

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