Next-Gen Water Is Already Here (On PC)


    Is it just me or does it still just look like jelly?

    It looks nice, but it doesn't look or move like real water...

      Not just you.

      Yeah, nice shader work but the movement is wrong.

      i feel the problem is that the water movement is fairly random. Its over random. unlike when your at a beach or river where the water will "generally" flow in a similar pattern. rips, storms and rapids aside. you would expect at an ocean that there be general tides where water appears to be coming in or going out. here its to heavily randomized.

        I think the difference is, not in THIS example but in general, that when you head out to the ocean, movement becomes fairly random, with shoreline it SHOULD gravitate towards the shore

    Super pretty water yet the wave crests still pass through the boat?

    OT: A next-gen Ecco the dolphin game would really show off the new technologies very nicely.

    Water's always been something crytek have done well. I remember being astounded by the water effects they did way back with Far Cry.

    Sometimes I look at real life and think if I saw that in a game, I'd think it looked fake..

    Look at the water in Just Cause 2 running Nvidia physics. Its pretty good!

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